I found this at a thrift store a while ago and thought it’d be something people might be interested in having some nice, high-res photos of for reference. Arno is an amalgam of the Loomis planes and a ‘planes of the head’ sculpture by John Asaro. Asaro was, as far as I can gather, a student of. Documents Similar To Planes of the Head – John Asaro. Anatomy Intro. Uploaded by. vinicius Successful Portrait Painting. John H. Sanden. Uploaded by.

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Good job with Loomis. Highest quality stuff around.

I’m a mostly self-taught artist. They were fun to do, and instructive, but I felt the need to do something life-size in order to properly resolve the planes, so the final head was made from clay. It has a fine and long tradition. Loomis was an illustrator who wrote some very useful art instruction books, most of which are out of copyright and can be downloaded here.

This head is by Bernini, and I found the exercise interesting enough to try out a few more.

Feeling the Form – Loomis and the Planes of the Head

I haven’t worked in Sculpey, or very much in any clay-like material for that matter. I’m curious te try this. Well, Paris in this case.

She raised the interesting, and I think very valid point that the Loomis method also tends towards standardised, ideal heads. Hi Nick, thanks for popping in. Paul, Thank you for the link to the Loomis books. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can request to have your username emailed to you and to reset your password. His latest post is on this very subject, and makes very interesting reading, highly if The one on the left is a simple breakdown, with front, side, and bottom planes.


It’s also OK to do an bead copy of my paintings as a study exercise without asking permission. By Fitzin in forum Art Critique Center.

John Asaro Vintage Ceramic “Planes of the Head”.

They also felt a lot better under the pencil. But without a clear understanding of the structure, that would be hard if not impossible. The other says volume is everything. So, if your subject moves, you know where that plane defines the form even if the contour line has changed a little bit. This one is by painter and teacher John Asaro, who has a website called ” Planes of the Head.

Now, call me a sceptic, but it appears to me that what Loomis is doing here is drawing heads in perspective, which as a professional illustrator with years of experience he was quite capable of doing, and then superimposing the merest suggestion of his planes over the drawings.

If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Have you seen this article on the history of sight size?


At first I thought that looked like a very good way to proceed, very sound. This is a great advice James.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Every time I look at these pictures I want to keep it. They have a camera tripod thread at the base for mounting. No tools, eye only. How does the mouth fit into the planes coming down from the cheek bone to the chin in the second one? I felt that CA. How joun paintings did Vermeer make a year?

It strikes me that stuff like knowing where to put thhe shading etc. Wonderful idea to make the model. I was discussing this some time ago with a highly accomplished artist David Kassan — check out those paintings!

Casein in the Wild Painting on location in opaque water media. February 4th, 2. Hard to describe, but tangible. However, you can quote images or text without asking permission on your educational or non-commercial blog, asrao, or Facebook page as long as you give me credit and provide a link back.