Writes a scaled version of a chart to an output stream in PNG format. public static void writeChartAsPNG(OutputStream out, JFreeChart chart, int width. A quick how to use JFreeChart quide can be found at- https://robbamforth. addSeries(series); (); } final JFreeChart chart =ChartFactory. . Opens a file chooser and gives the user an opportunity to save the chart in PNG format.

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Database The source having user input to be used for creating a dataset in the database.

Dimension class object as an argument. Let us keep the above Java code in LineChart. Frame String, JfreeChart chart It constructs a frame. Consider an example where we want to create an XY chart for all major browsers. This chapter demonstrates — how we can use JFreeChart to create Pie Chart mfreechart a given set of business data.

JFreeChart tutorial – learn how to create charts in Java

By default, the items in the series are sorted into ascending order by x-value, and duplicate x-values are permitted. Strin range It creates new time series that contains no data. String label The constructor NumberAxis uses default values where necessary.

This class represents a sequence of data items in the form of period values, where period is some instance of RegularTimePeriod abstract class such as Time, Day, Hour, Minute, and Second classes. A chart is a drawing that shows information in a simple way, often using lines and curves to show amounts. ChartFrame class under the org. ChartPanel class from the org.


Y-values can be denoted as null to represent missing values. JFreeChart is easy to extend and can be used in both, the client-side, as well as the server-side applications. This makes it convenient to collect series data objects.

This is fine for small demo applications. Category Dataset This type of dataset is used for bar chart, line chart,etc. It constructs a dataset containing a single series more can be addedtied to a specific time zone. JFreeChart allows to create a wide variety of both interactive and non-interactive charts. This is an exception class. xave


Following is a list of different mobile brands and their sale units per day. In this tutorial, we learn how to use JFreeChart. This chapter demonstrates how you can use JFreeChart to create Bubble Chart from a given set of business data. It is also possible to create charts in JavaFX.

Exceptions are raised on the occurrence of duplicate or invalid data. This is a general class available in chagt.

The renderer is set with the setRenderer method. A pie chart is created with the ChartFactory. This method is taken from AbstratRenderer abstract class, which is super class of this package. The following example draws a line chart to show a trend of a of schools opened in different years starting from A line chart or line graph displays information as a series of data points markers connected by straight line segments. Comparable key, boolean autoSort It constructs a new empty series, with the auto-sort flag set as requested, and duplicate values are allowed.


This chapter explains how you can read simple data from a database table and then use JFreeChart to create a chart of your choice. The XY chart scatter is based on one data series consisting of a list of X and Y values. The different categories of series datasets are jfreechsrt to series collection dataset.

JFreeChart tutorial

Following is the code to create Bubble Chart from the above given information. This code helps you to embed a Bubble chart in any AWT based application. It sets the upper margin for the axis as a percentage of the axis range and sends an AxisChangeEvent to all registered listeners.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. String categoryAxisLabel is the label for values placed on X-axis. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.