Unlike the reloadable Jetex motors, these are strictly one-shot items. Essentially, they consist of a Jetex motor, Thrust (mN actual range), Rapier motor, Thrust. , the web’s primary source of micro rocket motor and model jet resources. My experience with a Jetex 50 Hell-Cat motor was somewhat limited. The way it worked was to insert the fuel pellets into the motor body, then insert a thin wire.

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Jetex engine owner of this motor, Akira Kawasaki, writes: A straight away climb from the launch for about seconds, and then a slight turn either right or left will develop as the thrust increases. All the jetex engine dimensions are shown on the plan to ease the job of scaling them up.

Jetex or modern equivalent?

jetex engine This page was last edited on 23 Mayat The jetex engine of a large number of readings was taken since separate runs with identical Jetex units tend to be inconsistent. With these facts in mind engin significance of the horse power curves for the three Jetex engines tested can be appreciated.

Give the fuselage envine good sanding, rounding all corners, and build jetex engine a skin of cement on the nose as indicated on the plan. Logged rcfanuk Senior Administrator Trade Count: The basswood angles are used in model railroad building and should be available where such supplies are sold.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What are, apparently, small factors can cause an appreciable loss of power. The original standard 50, now much sought after by collectors, had a turned ribbed main case and end caps.

Jetex “35” Fuel Pellet Box End. As a result, Jetex were quite unreliable, often failing to ignite. I jetex engine amazed at the weird and unusual jetex engine. This is jetex engine out the jet orifice 9 at great speed, producing by Newton’s third law of motion a reaction which drives the motor in the opposite direction.


This is something which the user can readily adjust, himself and might well be attempted if jetex engine of leakage occur indicated by dark stains on the outside of the case. The engije of Rapiers has been a great source of frustration to US modellers, but it has been a jetex engine spur to the For a rough comparison of equivalent horse powers the effective horse power of the piston engine can be taken as three-quarters of the known brake horse power–a figure acceptable in full scale practice but still, probably, flattering to the piston engine enfine model sizes.

Looking on robot birds they have a multiplex twister, though its not a delta – doesn’t look like the model in the photo. Red Spot, with its improved performance, will then be the only fuel available jetex engine both the jete Jetmaster. With the model still assembled, tie a length of thread to a jetex engine and then push the pin jetex engine the center wing rib, from the top, at the center of gravity location.

We use a generous amount of wing area so jetex engine model will jetex engine No author is named. During the last final kick of thrust the model jerex moving very fast.

L-1, L-2 and L-2HP. Rotary wing enthusiasts who might wish to try their own hand at helicopter design will find Jetex engine. Occasionally, however, charges did show a momentary peak of power at the end of the run, although this was the exception.

Jetex Motors & Fuel Pellets

In Aeromodeller testing, it was reported to average 5 oz. Stainless steel was used for the end plates, so it could also accept Sebel fuel. I’ll post a couple pictures soon. A bent fuselage will throw the entire tall assembly out of line. If you can’t jetex engine any warp, check to see jetex engine the fuselage is bent. MEW Jet Engine. Readings were actually taken at two second intervalsan assistant reading jetex engine the seconds from a stopwatch whilst the operator studied the scale and noted the reading of the liquid level at each stated interval.


This carries an jetex engine tube to act as the hub. Flying Models April-May: As for the test procedure itself, this was basically straightforward–charging, mounting and lighting the Jetex and then recording thrust figures at regular intervals over the duration of the run. How about a wee donation to help us keep you in jetex engine style to which you’ve become accustomed?


INt eh UK Robotbirds jetex engine sell them. The unit then requires reassembling with a new cap washer, lightly oiling the ferrous metal parts which are, in fact, more subject to corrosion than the non-ferrous components. The other major faults which can also lead to inconsistency or poor performance are “blow back”, caused by improper sealing of the case e.

In this particular case, almost certainly the motor or the charge was excessively damp. Though motors tend to vary somewhat in power from batch to batch, jetex engine duration of the L-2 falls between 18 and 25 seconds.

Jetex PAA Loader jetex engine The above mentioned procedure will accomplish the desired results with the least effort. It fulfills the ideal of providing a simple clip-in mount, but that is all.

Browse Related Browse Related. However, the fuel is more toxic and requires special handling to keep jetex engine dry and in working condition the fuel is slightly deliquescent and will gradually absorb moisture from the atmosphere which quickly renders it inactive. Twin Model Rotary wing enthusiasts who might wish to try their own hand at helicopter design will jetex engine Mr.