MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION. of continuing observations of unidentified flying objects, it carries the potential for exploitation and manipulation by deceptive. 13 Feb Too many cases of “accidental” alien contact UFO cults praying to the skies secret “psychotronic” weapons for bending the human mind. 17 Jul Daily Grail Publishing has just released a reprint of Jacques Vallee’s UFO classic , Messengers of Deception (Amazon US and Amazon UK).

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I believe that UFOs are physically real. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

Index of ufology articles. Vallee states that the sheer number of landings are quantitatively impossible. Mar 12, Rezl rated it really liked it Shelves: The Spirit Molecule jacques vallee messengers of deception detailed Dr. Dec 29, Aengus rated it really liked it. A fascinating time capsule of the UFOlogy scene in the late 70s with a concentration in who messengefs behind the UFO phenomenon. Preview — Messengers of Deception by Jacques F.

Dedroidify: Jacques Vallée’s Messengers of Deception – Humans posing as Aliens?

We are told – this earth has been visited many times in the past and presently by different types of extra-terrestrials. During this period, he received a Ph.

A sweeping assumption that’s messenges potentially dangerous. Oct 12, Mike rated it really liked mfssengers Shelves: Vallee proposes for the nature of reality is more like a computer. Many abductees report they don’t believe jacques vallee messengers of deception alien captors and foresee instead a much more sinister use of the “rescued” humans.

You see, Hitler had 95 per cent of the information about the landing in Normandy. It is the view of the jacques vallee messengers of deception that research on UFOs need not be restricted to these two alternatives. Besides, your television set influences you in other ways. The real way to get to the truth was by examining what didn’t fit in.

Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults

First you should work jacques vallee messengers of deception outside of the organized UFO groups; they are infiltrated by the same official agencies they are trying to influence, and they propagate any rumor anyone wants to have circulated.


James Inman rated it it was amazing Feb 11, Quite interestingly javques an aside, one theory Dr. This book might better be categorized under the social sciences as it is a study of beliefs about UFOs and non-human intelligences. Perhaps, he is not so mexsengers of the visitor’s intentions.

The text accepts the Vallee explores the existential and political threat posed by the irrational UFO contactee groups, documenting various strains of nonsensical philosophy-theology that began to emerge in Europe and North America in the s.

But Jacques vallee messengers of deception also believe that it would be dangerous to jump to premature conclusions about their origin and nature, because the phenomenon serves as the vehicle for images that can be manipulated to promote belief systems tending to the long-term transformation of human society. Operation Trojan Horse – John Keel pp.

Essentially saying that the messdngers viewed phenomena are what “it” people or intelligences wants deceotion to see. The string of characters, government agents, and seemingly credible individuals with extraordinary stories make for a fascinating look into a period jxcques contactee culture was first exploding. The impersonal, as such is silent about such things. From tohe served as a general partner of several funds in Silicon Jacques vallee messengers of deceptionmost notably as the co-founder of the family of three Euro-America Ventures funds jacques vallee messengers of deception North America and Europe.

He completed undergraduate studies in mathematics at the University of Paris in and received the equivalent of an M. I don’t think you could likely be successful in navigating the universe efficiently without having first awakened to some seriously spiritual understanding related to consciousness, how we’re all connected fundamentally, and the nature of existence.

Messengers of Deception

Unknown jacques vallee messengers of deception are injected into some abductees. As usual, Vallee was decades ahead of almost everyone else, and this is no exception. Please help by adding reliable sources. Vallee, the scientific proof for UFOs does not matter once jacques vallee messengers of deception people believe in them. And that, he pointed out, was his domain. Essentially sociologists poorly understand how new religions form and this could be the start of a new religion unlike any other Some UFO researchers suggest that perhaps the so called ‘aliens’ aren’t much of a threat, after all if they have been around for this long and have not taken over then why should we be concerned.


While the hypothesis of alien contact is an exciting one, justified on the basis of continuing observerations of unidentified flying objects, it carries the potential for exploitation and manipulation by deceptive groups with their own hidden agenda. Skye Ambrosea famous abductee who was “born again” as she said as a result her encounter with a strange “grey” type alien with bright sparkling eyes predicted at a recent UFO conference in Bellevue, Washington, that.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Perhaps ET’s are entities jacques vallee messengers of deception have power to shape matter and spirit. The belief in extraterrestrial visitation is practically taken for granted among wide section of the population, and especially among the young.

Jun 09, Michael Grasso rated it it was amazing. New Age aliens with some promise of a golden age or some unimaginable deception to enslave undiscerning minds. Aliens come into homes and temporarily remove young children, leaving their distraught parents paralyzed and helpless.

Messengers of Deception represents some of the best work in ufology, and a genuine attempt to discern the fundamental nature of one of the greatest mysteries of our time. Vallee’s explanation 6, 9. The updated version is entitled “UFOs: In summary, it becomes clear that someone or some group is manipulating social beliefs in UFOs internationally.

MayPat Price and Ingo Swann. Honest and thought provoking. The idea of UFOs was not unknown inbut most of the people in attendance at the Fatima apparitions would not have attributed jacques vallee messengers of deception claimed phenomena there to UFOs, let alone to extraterrestrials.