SHORT STORY Lihaaf [The Quilt] O Ismat Chughtai Translated from Urdu by M. Asaduddin In the last issue of manushi, while reviewing Deepa Mehta’s Fire, we. 15 Aug (This article is being republished from The Quint’s archives on the occasion of Ismat Chughtai’s death anniversary. It was first published on 21 Feb Ismat Chughtai’s Lihaaf challenged the conventional feminine qualities of obedience, abstinence and modesty in a patriarchal society and.

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I tried to protest. Her complexion was marble white without a speck of ruddiness.

But was like one possessed. Begum Jaan would have glimpses of them in ismat chughtai lihaf in perfumed, flimsy shirts and feel as though she was being raked over burning embers! I woke up at night and was scared. The doors would be closed, the braziers would be lit and then the session began.

Turning my face lihxf from her I sipped my tea. Begum Jaan grew more and more irritable.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use ismat chughtai lihaf in Privacy Policy. She was a believer in strict segregation for women. Begum Jan has chhghtai a very depressing life after marriage. Still today In lots of society or villages peoples consider marriage an economy exchange. I was scared and got back to sleep. Nawab Sahab was too old than Begam Jaan but chugntai her parents marry her daughter to a person who had no match with her daughter? Then I heard two people whispering.


Zakia Ashraf November 20, at How proud I felt! It was severe punishment for me! Relatives, however, would come for visits and would stay for months while she remained a prisoner in the house. Log into your account. It was one of the few stories that revolve around complex female characters with desires and sexual needs, ismat chughtai lihaf in hold agency over their actions and unabashedly practice their sexuality.

Qasim Jalal 2 Dr. Then ismat chughtai lihaf in began to shower me with affection. Views Read Edit View history. Or did it lihxf when she gave up on amulets, talismans, black magic and other ways of retaining the love of her straying husband?

Gender, Nation and the Transition to Independence. He was too busy chasing the gossamer shirts, nor did he allow her to go out. It was as though getting the massage was one of the basic necessities of life. In that age peoples consider Homosexuality as a crime so for the sake of society he married Begum Jaan but never build sexual relation with her.

No one chghtai any heed. Rizwan Jawaid January 1, at 8: Political Impunity In India. She began counting my ribs. A strange, sickening stench exuded from her body.


Full text of “Lihaaf [ The Quilt] Ismat Chughtai”

But what followed was confusion and questions. Her hair was black and always bathed in oil.

In fact — Begum Chughtaii was afflicted with a persistent itch. She knew that left alone in the house I would fight with my brothers or roam around.

Rabbu and Begum Jaan were the subject of their gossip during leisure hours. It seems to me that the blanket, though less comfortable, does not cast shadows as terrifying as the quilt, dancing on the wall.

And ismat chughtai lihaf in if it was warm and the chughfai was on, she would cover herself with a light shawl. Kanwal Feroze 1 Dr.

Review, Summary And Analysis of Quilt By Ismat Chughtai

A doll that sleeps or wakes up as you want? However, the most fascinating part of her face were her lips — usually dyed in lipstick and with a mere trace of down on her upper lip. Ismat chughtai lihaf in felt like throwing all her clothes into the oven.

Begum Jan, who loved me so dearly? What could I have said to anyone?