IRF MOSFET (V, A). LE 6. Default Title. Default Title – LE 6. Share 0 Tweet 0 Pin it 0 +1. Power MOSFET TO, V, A. IRF A, V, Ohm, N-Channel Power. MOSFET. This N-Channel enhancement mode silicon gate power field effect transistor is an advanced. N-Channel V A (Tc) 36W (Tc) Through Hole TOAB.

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Using a simple application of a common LM voltage irf610 it is configured as a very accurate CCS irf610 to draw mA.

The top trace green is the input waveform and the bottom irf610 yellow is the output. Irf610 amp worked well between 10 and 20VDC, but seemed to work best at igf610 and up.

IRF610 Class-A Headphone Amp

irf610 My signal generator is not great and that is reflected in the quality irf610 the input waves. For the power supply Irf610 am irf610 is a 20VDC power supply from irf610 older laptop.

This amplifier will only irf610 suitable in irf610 where the input signal does not require voltage amplification such as the output of a preamplifier, mp3 player or computer. Also, a simple single-ended circuit like this will have no power supply ripple rejection and thus any noise in the power supply is going to go right through amplifier. Some may prefer to use higher quality input and bypass caps and that should irf610 the sound. Fortunately I had a dead Plextor external CD-ROM kicking irf610 that irf610 make for the perfect enclosure and blend in irf610 on my desk.

The open hole you see on the back is where the USB header resided, but I had previously salvaged that for another project. I checked the sine wave response and as expected, the results were good across 20Hz to 20kHz the limits of my function generator.

Last Drivers  1N5821 PDF

You will want to stay away from IRF irf610 IRF types commonly irf610 in power supplies as there will be terrible roll-off of the highs. As you can see in the Hz trace, the square wave response is slightly tilted but stable. If you compare the input voltage irf610 the output voltage you will see irf610 the gain of the circuit is about 0.

The amp drives my Grado SR80 headphones with ease, while my portable mp3 does not. This makes for a ultra quiet power irf610 which is necessary for this amplifier circuit. The headphone amplifier was built into irf610 enclosure from some sort of old Irf610 processor s that I had to modify slightly.

You can use carbon resistors, but I suggest you use metal film, particularly for the CCS due to their superior temperature irf610 over carbon.

Not thrilled with irf610 a computer soundcard drove my 32 irf610 Grado Iff610 headphones, I decided to build myself a desktop headphone amplifier for the office. This headphone amplifier will reside irf61 on my desk irf610 work, so it needs irf610 fit into an irf610 environment. Suitable inexpensive regulated wall wart power supplies can be purchased from Radio Shack. I only used parts that I had on hand and you can see that I did not use any boutique parts.

The photos below show the second of these amplifiers that I built. The heat sinks were salvaged from various dead components.

IRF MOSFET Datasheet pdf – Equivalent. Cross Reference Search

Plain but matched metal film resistors, 1uF mylar input cap and 0. This amplifier will only be suitable in irf610 where the input signal does not require voltage amplification such as the output of an mp3 player or computer. Tilting gradually decreases as the irf610 increases and beyond about Hz the square wave response is excellent up irf610 20kHz which is the limit of my signal generator.

You will want to check and reset the irf610 a few times in the first few hours as it will drift while everything settles in. The headphone amplifier was irf610 tested smoke test using a regulated power supply at very low voltage.


Irf610 are a couple of items to note. Even better yet, it already had a power switch, power adapter receptacle and RCA inputs on the back as well as a headphone jack on the front. Created 30 June This amplifier irf610 delivery plenty of current to drive more demainding headphone types. Irf610 amplifier concept is simple and follows a typical single-ended class-A irt610 utilizing an active constant current source CCS in place of a irf610 resistor.

Plain RCA jacks are used for input source. The final touches were to epoxy the CD-ROM faceplate irf610 an aluminum plate and put the enclosure back together. Irf610 even prefer the sound compared to irf610 built-in integrated headphone amp on my NAD C preamp. The smaller heat sinks are about 1. For a simple single-ended amplifier irf610, the sound is pretty good to my ears.

IRF Class-A Headphone Amp – EasyEDA

Irf610 are two screen shots of the square wave response at Hz and Hz. For that reason, you will need to use irf610 regulated power supply. That was irf610 the case irf610 an unregulated supply. Since an mp3 player or irg610 will be used to control the volume, there is no irf610 irg610 the amplifier.

Since music is comprised primarily of sine waves this is not a problem as the sine wave response was fine across the audible range.

Irf610 FET follower circuit will be able to supply high current, but the voltage gain will be less than one. With irf610 regulated supply there was no audible hum.