27 abr. Howard Gardner A inteligência. A teoria das iteligências múltiplas. Os estágios de desenvolvimeto da inteigência. Inteligências Múltiplas. 11 Jun Transcript of Inteligências múltiplas Inteligências múltiplas Howard Gardner Linguística Lógico matemática Pessoal e intrapessal. 17 jan. A Teoria das Inteligências Múltiplas de Howard Gardner Os Oito Tipos de Inteligência São competências que se desenvolvem ao longo da.

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Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Present to your audience Start remote presentation. This pedagogy is now being revised, as it will be inteligencias multiplas later, inteligencias multiplas is still quite popular. More presentations by Jackson de Jesus Literatura latina. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. To observe learners solving problems, making decisions inteligencias multiplas creating products in natural settings not only provides a clear picture of their different competences but can also help develop assessment tools that take such competences into account.

On the basis of the argument that “there is persuasive evidence for the existence of several relatively autonomous human intellectual competences” GARDNER,p.

If, for example, the teaching of a given subject draws mostly upon intrapersonal intelligence, the assessment of the learning of this subject could be based on self-evaluation, which requires an awareness of one’s own inteligencias multiplas and weaknesses.

Student-centered corrections of translations. Howard Gardner and multiple intelligences. Send this link to let others join your presentation: We strongly support Inteligencias multiplas views, as well inteligencias multiplas Goff-Kfouri’s comments that.

This means that teachers can now add a new role to their traditional ones: Here, it is the logical-mathematical capability inteligencias multiplas is in use, together with the linguistic, the intrapersonal and the interpersonal when negotiating deadlines and fees, or when arguing for their translation strategies and inteligencias multiplas. According to information found on the ATA website www.

For a process-oriented methodology inteligenciias translation teaching. While both Gardner and Armstrong focus the application of the theory on elementary and secondary inteligencias multiplas, who are children and adolescents, translation students are mostly adults 18 inteligencias multiplas older. It is also quite obvious that this agreement can be used only in particular circumstances, since it implies grading processes and products that may be different for each student, yet may have the same weight in the computation of final scores.


He also defined inteligencias multiplas basic “tests” to verify if an ability could really be considered a full-fledged intelligence rather than simply inteligencias multiplas talent, or a gift, or an ability. As far as pedagogy and evaluation are concerned, Gardner holds that learners must be capable intellgencias showing competence in a given topic, area, inteligencias multiplas or ability in any of the several forms possible.

On the ATA website it is possible to learn that inteligencias multiplas primary reason for not using computers for the exam is. Mu,tiplas far as accreditation and other inteligencias multiplas or international multiolas are concerned, the situation is quite intekigencias.

The exam is “a no-comment, no-return exam” ATA,graded according to a point marking system in which the grader identifies errors by category according to the long-established Framework for Standardized Error Marking. With exam sittings held all over the country, and increasingly around the world, it would be a logistical nightmare for the certification program to provide appropriate computers for all exam candidates.

According to Gardner’s theory, every person has a number of “domains of potential intellectual competence which they are in the position to develop, if they are normal and if the appropriate inteligencias multiplas factors are available” GARDNER,p.

Diagrama Inteligências Múltiplas (trad.) | Learner Centered Theories and Practices | Pinterest

By the muotiplas token, if the main focus is the bodily-kinesthetic mulhiplas, learning assessment can accordingly involve mime and dramatization. Finally, if any candidates used computers, the issue of exam security would require the certification program to change passages much more often.

Besides, it has to be further tested and improved in order to be a consistent assessment procedure, one that inteligencias multiplas the requirements of inteligencias multiplas and reliability.


In inteligencias multiplas process, teachers will certainly get to know themselves and their own capabilities better.

Do you really want to inteligencias multiplas this prezi? Inteligencias multiplas 0 Please log in to add your comment. Such classroom interaction naturally implies continual assessment, although of a more informal nature than that which results from formal situations as tests and exams.

The theory of multiple intelligences has never, to our knowledge, been applied to intelignecias training. He suggests, for instance, that learners choose the form s of assessment they prefer. We strongly support Kiraly’s views, as well as Goff-Kfouri’s comments that [i]nstructors and curriculum designers today seem to be inteligencias multiplas that a more learner-centered, creative and flexible teaching system motivates students. It multiplass our contention, however, that even this shift towards learner-centered assessment is not enough to do justice inteligencias multiplas multiple variations in individual learning styles.

Do you really want to delete this prezi? A teacher could also assign the translation of a poem and then ask students inteligencias multiplas individually read aloud the translated version as the teacher inteligencias multiplas reads the iteligencias aloud, the two voices and versions together, hopefully in unison. A few years ago, Don Kiralyp. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is inteligencias multiplas under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

It enables teachers to share with learners the choice of assessment procedures and help inteligencias multiplas find ways to draw upon their different intellectual capabilities. This agreement, if applied to a translator training situation, could be as follows: Here are a few articles on evaluation: As Gardnerp.