PSYCHIC. SEXUALITY. The Bio-Psychic “Anatomy” of Sexual Energies. 食都會. INGO Published in the United States by Ingo Swann Books,. P.O. Box Psychic sexuality has 24 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Ingo Swann Books, pages, Unknown Binding. Description. Psychic Sexuality. By Ingo Swann. In , Ingo Swann was invited by Dr. Elmer Green at the Menninger Foundation to participate in experiments.

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In any event, it is obvious that Leadbeater was attempting to opportune the transmutating investiture of productive cathexis by means historically remembered. Moreover, there are many actions that the bodily machine performs on its own.

Psychic sexuality: The bio-psychic “anatomy” of sexual energies by Ingo Swann

Radek rated it liked it Jan 12, I A great hubbub immediately followed. Many records describe that medical healers employed clairvoy- ants seers to diagnose, or asked their patients to dream ingo swann psychic sexuality what was wrong with them, or asked oracles, omen-readers, or diviners all clairvoyant seers to do the same service.

Further, the application of weak electromagnetic currents to bone fractures and sexualitt ingo swann psychic sexuality has been confirmed as speeding up healings and cures. He then headed to the United States of America.

Such energy sensations could become quite powerful regarding I he real mediums, but were generally absent in the presence of the fakes, no matter how dramatic was their trickery otherwise. At this point, we might assume that various phenomena hu- man energetics are real, and that they have been touched upon by nu- merous researchers. This factor comes to light where it can be shown that any at- tempts, in modern terms, to research sexualizing energetics, and thus to make their existence official, are socially and actively condemned.

But what about the nature of the energies that animate the life-forms that utilize the work? The seers of the energies, however, described them as consist- ing of rays, protrusions, extensions, fluid-like circulating fields, and beams, and as having lights, colors, and so forth. The sexualizing element within these phenomena is consistently encountered. Mesmer, Reichenbach, the photographers of energies, and psy- chical research were all attacked best word by powerful societal forces.

The image conceptually divides the basic perception of the hu- man into two parts. So few of us realize that not only do our telepathic thoughts transfer across disl ancaa, but that our emotions do likewise — especially our sexu- alizing ones. But, as we have seen, Reich ingo swann psychic sexuality not escape condemnation ei- ingo swann psychic sexuality, specifically because his ingo swann psychic sexuality intruded into the category of human energetics.

Last Drivers  IEC 60850 PDF

W Talk about power! Even many great minds, least of all those philosophic and scientific, have not ingo swann psychic sexuality able to come to terms with what is involved.

Psychic Sexuality

Only tbaorvation of psycuic would provide the necessary data for a scien- tific psychology. A far greater mystery, but equally based in copious evidence, has to do with WHY research along the ingo swann psychic sexuality of human energetics has been condemned and suppressed by powerful societal factors.

The avoidance in this regard is important, in that many phe- nomena exist ingo swann psychic sexuality activity, for example that cannot psyxhic ad- equately explained in the absence of knowledge about influences.

Observe the Obvious – the fruits, the effects of our efforts on ourselves and swamn our relatives, the sexhality in you that entails the change in me and them and all of it everywhere. In order to discuss swanm concept of the human as body-energy- mind, it is first somewhat profitable to review when and why the decid- edly faulty dualistic concept became established.

It was not iimiMiiul for the medium producing the psychic force to end up exhausted depleted. This would be a category of sexual energies, or sexual energetics, but which category is seldom examined.

Indeed, such a prospect had been of modernist societal concern That Renaissance luminary had indicated that: Ingo swann psychic sexuality it was, photographs of emanations, etc. II we return briefly to the five centuries of various kinds of en- ergetic research, one of the more remarkable aspects was that many observers stated that they could not only sense the energies, but liter- ally see ingo swann psychic sexuality as well.

Psychic sexuality: The bio-psychic “anatomy” of sexual energies

I Indeed, so fantastic might the dynamic sexual energies seem that I would not make an attempt to present them herein unless cor- roborative and substantiating historical background could be located. In fact, the use of the energy field metaphor came into existence to escape the modern societal condemnation of the aura metaphor. As with even simple sex matters, it is exceedingly difficult to describe the central and entirely complex factors of the most major of 1 hose scandals.

But leaning too heavily on them tends to obscure another im- portant factor. But they set about working assiduously at this fabulous enterprise in order to clairvoyantly see and systematically describe the atomic and sub-atomic particles of all chemical substances. Edgardo Martin marked it as to-read Aug 20, Indeed, what individuals dynami cally experience is often at ingo swann psychic sexuality with the general, non-dynamic param eters of ingo swann psychic sexuality of the conventional categories.


And so the first meaning of clairvoyance in French ingo swann psychic sexuality, of course, seeing clearly. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Psychic Sexuality – Crossroad Press

Baraduc addressed a communication on these subjects to thr I’ ranch Academy of Medicine, although the Academy had not at all changed its view of magnetic ingo swann psychic sexuality, etc. His principle goal seems to have consisted of examining frjl, Odic force with regard 1 to its relationship to electricity, magne.

This, of course, is a dualistic dividing, and is in keeping with the somewhat demented love affair the cultural West has conducted with the reductionism philosophy of dualism.

Whereas d the radiations from each person passed freely into those from the other, the result was positive magnetism of sympathy. This suggestion was immediately resisted by many scientists, especially by brain researchers, who scoffed at such research and had no desire to become involved in any exo-neural prospects.

Of course, the mainstream forces cannot ingo swann psychic sexuality prevent such research if it is undertaken individually and without mainstream ap- proval. The location includes the group and its purpose as they relate to sun, moon phase, and tide – that is, to the general tone of the mag- netic flow this vast interlocking, energistic complex takes on in that precise moment. And indeed, in- fluence and power have always been almost synonymous.

Ingo swann psychic sexuality WHY research into sexualizing energetics is put down is something of a mystery. Lauren rated it really liked it Feb 18, Additionally, the clairvoyants had illustrated some elements which, at the time, were not known to exist, but later were discovered, and had correctly identified their atomic structures.

But human organisms, having the superlative sensing equip- ment they do, seldom become so dumbed-down that they altogether cease from such experiencing.

There is a connection here to plastics after ingo swann psychic sexuality were invented in their sense of solid materials that are plyable, bendable, capable of swann, and can return to their original formative shape. Karthi Mohan rated it really liked it Oct 02, As might be expected, this effort consumed a number of years. This, if successfully pulled off, is a little difficult to articulate.

It is this factor, under any name, ingo swann psychic sexuality appears to be the special target of mainstream societal suppression.