Short title, extent and commencement This Act may be called the Indian Evidence Act, 2It extends to the whole of India 3 [Except the State of Jammu and. Complete Indian Evidence Act (IEA ) Reference with optimized search options. Covers every chapters and sections of Indian Evidence Act in a presentable. Complete IEA – Indian Evidence Act presented in a user friendly design with excellent user experience. Divided clearly into Chapters and Sections and unedited.

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Facts showing existence of state of mind, or of body indkan bodily feeling. Presumption as to maps or plans made by authority of Government. SectionA – Presumption as to absence of consent in certain prosecutions for rape.

Egidence of evidence to contradict answers to questions testing veracity. Presumption as to Digital Signature Certificates. Entries in ach of account when relevant. Section77 – Proof of documents by production of certified copies.

Burden of proving fact to be proved to make evidence admissible. Part 1 indian evidence act 1872 bare act with relevancy of the facts. Chapter 7 talks about the burden of proof. Section48 – Opinion as to existence of right or custom, when relevant. Using, as evidence, of document production of which was refused on notice.

Section – Judge’s power to put questions or order production. Procedure of Court in case of question being asked without reasonable grounds.

Order of production and examination of witnesses.

Proof where no attesting witness found. Section – Burden of proving fact especially within knowledge. Special provisions as to evidence relating to electronic record. Evidence may be given of facts in issue and relevant facts.


Indian Evidence Act

Admission of execution by party to attested document. Section – Order of production and examination of witnesses.

Proofs as to verification of digital signature. Section13 – Facts relevant when right or custom is in question. Cases in which secondary evidence relating to documents may be given.

Cases in indian evidence act 1872 bare act statement of relevant fact by person who indiaan dead or cannot be found, etc, is relevant. Questions lawful in cross-examination. Section9 – Facts necessary to explain or introduce relevant facts. Presumption as to powers-of-attorney.

Section34 – Entries in books of account including those maintained in an electronic form when relevant. Things said or done by conspirator in reference to common design. Confession by accused while in custody of police not to be proved against him.

However, it does not apply on affidavits and arbitration.

Indian Evidence Act, | Bare Acts | Law Library | AdvocateKhoj

Section33 – Relevancy of certain evidence for proving, in subsequent proceeding, the truth of facts therein stated. Section73 – Comparison of signature, writing or seal with others admitted or proved. Former statements of witness may be proved to corroborate later testimony as to same fact. Section99 – Who may give evidence of agreement varying term of document.

Section70 – Admission of execution by party to attested document. When oral admission as to contents of electronic records are relevant. Section – Estoppel of tenant; and of licensee of person in possession. Section68 – Proof of execution of document required by law to indian evidence act 1872 bare act attested.


Section – Estoppel of acceptor of bill of exchange, bailee or licensee. Section – Using, as evidence, of document production of which was refused on notice. Section85B – Presumption as to electronic records and electronic signatures. Section – Indecent and scandalous questions.

Section89 – Presumption as to due execution, etc. Right of adverse party as to writing used to indian evidence act 1872 bare act memory. Gare section does not cite any sources. Section18 – Admission by party to proceeding or his agent by suitor in representative character. Section27 – Imdian much of information received from accused brae be proved.

Relevancy and effect of judgments, orders or decrees, other than those mentioned in section Section86 – Presumption as to certified copies of foreign judicial records. Section – Burden of proof as to particular fact. Section47A – Opinion as to electronic signature when relevant. Section – Questions lawful in cross-examination. The enactment and adoption indian evidence act 1872 bare act the Indian Evidence Act was a path-breaking judicial measure introduced in India, which changed the entire system of concepts pertaining to admissibility of evidences in the Indian courts of law.