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This document checklist is one of the forms that you need to submit with your application. Refer to the Instruction Guide (IMM ) under. “Information you must. Immigration Canada. This application is made available free by. Citizenship and Immigration Canada and is not to be sold to applicants. IMM E (). I’ve made a mistake in Form IMM My application is in transit and still not arrived at CIO. Can I send a corrected form now or later?.

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Cancellation A permit may be cancelled at any time.

Question 3 Enter the date your passport or travel document was issued. As TRP holders you and your family members are legally authorized to enter Canada temporarily. If you have more than one package, place a separate barcode page on each one. Details of visit to Canada.

Recommendation and case summary – General The sex chosen M or F on jmm application will be the sex printed on your document.

It has a spelling mistake.

Application to Remain in Canada as a Temporary Resident Permit Holder

They may also ask the regional Director General to answer this question. If you are married, you must provide a photocopy of your Marriage license or certificate with your application.

You do not have to ask for a refund, it will be done automatically. Acceptable risk means further criminal activity is unlikely. Use this application if you are already in Canada on a temporary resident permit and you want to: The maximum validity of a single TRP is three years and it is accompanied by ijm conditions.

Quasi-Birth-and-Death Processes with Rational Arrival Process Components

We will start processing your application once you return your application with the correct fees. The printed receipt is your proof of payment! Use of a Representative. Question 4 Check the box to indicate if you have ever served in any military, militia, civil defence unit, or immm in a security organization or police force including non obligatory national service, reserve or voluntary units.


Guide – Applying to remain in Canada as a temporary resident permit holder –

If your application is refused, you can only stay in Canada until the expiry date of your current temporary resident permit. Interviews provide officers with information regarding possible inadmissibility and violations of the Act. This form cannot be downloaded from internet nor ordered from Immm. Permit holders, inadmissible on health grounds, requiring continuous public assistance Permit holders, inadmissible on health grounds, are eligible for permanent resident status after three years.

Persons deemed rehabilitated [A36 3 c and R18] The Act and Regulations provide for a person convicted of relatively minor crimes to be considered rehabilitated without having to apply for rehabilitation after a certain period of time five or ten years, depending on the level of the offence has elapsed with no further offences.

The program manager must be consulted for concurrence in such instances. TRPs are only issued imm exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the processing officer.

Do not exit without printing the receipt! Nevertheless, the officer must still write a case summary and recommendation. Academic degree awarded by a graduate school of a college or university. Permit holder class and accompanying family members There is no provision to allow members of the permit holder class to include family members on their applications for permanent residence. For example, A11 1 requires every foreign national, before entering Canada, to apply to an officer for a visa or other document required by the Regulations.

Protected temporary residents class Recommendation and case summary – Cases other than health or criminal They are not known or thought likely to be inadmissible for any reason, other than not having completed steps necessary to obtain a permanent resident visa. By signing, you certify that you fully understand the questions asked, and that the information you have provided is complete, accurate, and factual.


The temporary resident permit that will be issued to you in Canada is NOT a travel document and may not be used to travel to Canada. Coding will be PA-1, whether the permit was initially issued in Canada or overseas.

Guide 5554 – Applying to remain in Canada as a temporary resident permit holder

Foreign nationals must establish that they meet all of the requirements of The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations before being authorized to enter or re-enter Canada. Protected temporary residents class This is a class of persons who may be granted imj resident status based on the requirements in the Regulations.

OP 20 Temporary Resident Permits.

We will move shortly. The period of time required to process your application; and The period of time you are seeking to remain in Canada if you are successful in obtaining another temporary resident permit. If your application is referred to a local office, they will contact you to obtain additional information or clarification. Please, can anyone share your knowledge about this. Omm case has been examined with reference to the possibility of issuing a temporary resident permit.

Supporting documentation of any action you have taken to resolve your inadmissibility, or your non-compliance. The requirements are normally routine processing steps and may or may not be stated in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Once they receive the additional information or clarification, the local office will complete the final stages of processing and if required, invite you to an interview.