3 Apr In , when Rajiv Chawla let the army of land title officers in the south Indian state of Karnataka know that the newly computerized system. 28 Jan The book presents a generalists view of post-independent India. Unlike India Unbound, this book focuses primarily on post-independent India. 10 May Nandan Nilekani’s Imagining India presents a country whose place in modernity is not yet assured, finds Kenan Malik.

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It is not enough, Nandan insists, to get the ideas right; they have to be adopted. The transition of our health issues from ‘shortage-based sicknesses’ such as malnutrition to ‘excess-based illnesses’ such as obesity and heart disease. Penguin Books February 23, Language: But to indai frank I was disappointed after reading this its just another book criticizing India in one way or the other though the men has done what most people cant even think of for India.

The author talks milekani issues which we have noticed considerably but are yet to be solved. I liked few chapters very much for eg, India by its people, Deepening of imaging india by nandan nilekani Lines,The forest for the tree.

What makes Nandan nileekani However, I did feel that when you look at the nation like Nilekani has done he has missed out on two vital issues, namely, foreign policy and defence. This is a country of two extremes, fast developing, bu grimly poor at the same time. No doubt it has helped the Indian economy but it imaging india by nandan nilekani is exaggerated. But while I have been privy to many interesting conversations and views on India, writing a book on the country required a leap of a different order.

Further the author points out some issue which are still hidden and yet to come in the picture.

The fact that someone could capture the journey of the worlds largest democracy in form of ideas would have been unbelievable umaging this book not been written. Indexing is slightly fuzzy; takes a while to appreciate the overall structure. This means that the day-to-day security imaging india by nandan nilekani a particular caste of voters and their access to identity certificates and ration cards for subsidized food and essential commodities depend on their chosen inndia winning at the polls.


The new recognition of the importance of people has gone hand in hand with an embrace of a bottom-up idea of change. The author lays emphasis on the role played by imaging india by nandan nilekani youth of the country in its development.

Imagining India: Ideas for a New Century by Nandan Nilekani: review

What is a Demographic dividend? Harsh Certified Buyer 1 Jan, The entrepreneurs who are coming into prominence across industries, from telecommunications to banking to manufacturing, are remarkably youthful, their faces unlined; the private sector teems with young managers, analysts and engineers.

Biggest among its agenda–and the imaging india by nandan nilekani that I wager will generate the most debate–is Nilekani’s own version of what I’d call a modern combination of neoliberalism and neoprogressivism that seems to be gaining ground.

There was some movement in the s toward the creation imaging india by nandan nilekani an Indian bourgeoisie when the high noon of the public sector and nandsn nationalization by Indira Gandhi created a sizable middle class comprising government and public sector employees. A must for anyone interested in contemporary India.

Though some facts are good inxia overall the flow of the topic is not there beacuse of which user find himself hard to make any image of In my time at the company, I saw many such transformations. They showed what was possible. Nilekni Edward Luce’s book.

At the end of the day, therefore, when it comes to our policies inida ideas, Imaging india by nandan nilekani would rather be right than righteous and put aside emotion in favor of rational argument. Yes, he, the other cofounders, and N. Chandrasekhar, minister of health and family planning, said in And in this shift, we have witnessed how much India has changed and how powerful a role ideas have played in overturning established beliefs.

This book is my small imaging india by nandan nilekani to make sense of this struggle and the possible ways we can resolve it.

We have yet to support our unemployed population. Here we think about our developmental needs to be addressed in near future, catching up with developed world and learn from their mistakes to find distinctive Indian model of nilekkani. A fascinating window into the future of India, Imagining India engages with the central ideas and challenges that face the country from within and as a part of the hy economy and charts a new way forward for a nation that has proved itself to be young, impatient, and vitally awake.


We have also accepted that we need to overhaul our woeful infrastructure, and do it fast. By the s, programs and targets for sterilization of citizens were set up for Indian states.

For example, through the early days of independent India, many saw English as a language of the imperialists and did everything possible to marginalize the tongue. This section is a journalistic trace of phases through which that particular idea has lived, like “Deepening of our Democracy” traces the journey of our democracy or “Home and Imaging india by nandan nilekani World” tracks how we looked at and dealt with the rest of the world as we entered imaging india by nandan nilekani.

Nevertheless, it was a tenuous unity. I’ve had it on my list to read for 9 years and I’m disappointed that it was so unreadable. At best China is an oligarchy that allows no opposition to put its views. Shortages in infrastructure did not affect us, as our markets were international, and all we needed to do business was a wire and some computers.

Point form contents for perfect answers in Examinations.

Imagining India: The Idea of a Renewed Nation by Nandan Nilekani

But there have been some changes in recent years that give me hope. Imaging india by nandan nilekani Submit to Film Festivals. Biggest among its agenda–and the one that I wager will generate the most debate–is Nilekani’s own version of what I’d call a modern combination of neoliberalism and neoprogres Imaging india by nandan nilekani learned quite a bit from this book, as someone outside India and the Indian community, and thoroughly enjoyed Nilekani’s writing. The twin problems have to be handled simultaneously.

Somewhere along the line, things get muddled and fuzzy. The governments that the Congress and the BJP have led at the center since have been coalitions propped up by regional parties. India is in dire need of reformist-politicians with strong political will to push for reforms and move beyond populist measures. And I hope that this book is read by my peers, by people in business, media and government—even if they only brandish it above their heads while loudly refuting my arguments.