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With this short preface the reader is left to decide whether it is worth his while to go through the book, and after reading it to take the further step of adopting i k taimni philosophy and technique of Self-Culture contained therein for embarking on the voyage of Self-exploration and Self-Realization. The fact that you are reading this on the internet right now is proof he was correct. Repeating what I said there, because it has relevance here: Now, a wonderful thing about the ideal point and boundless space is that they appear to be the same ultimately and indistinguishable.

Thank you for commenting on the new series of posts. It goes against thousands of years of Western history, let alone the millennia of Eastern teachings. I do not think Bohr threw the baby out with the bath water. The idea here is probably foreign to people not familiar i k taimni math, but not so much to those who know some modern math and science. Part 3 deals with o problems of Self-discovery and Self-Realization and the techniques which are involved in them.

He tai,ni selected for the Central Excise service but he declined the offer as he preferred teaching as a career and joined Allahabad University as a lecturer.

I K Taimni

But it is not an external reality that is doing the oscillating, it is consciousness: To cement my BBT I k taimni credentials: Some of the facts enumerated above may appear strange and unconvincing to those who read about them for the first time i k taimni they are not really so when we consider them carefully in their totality and examine the evidence that exists in their support.


The Concept of the AbsoluteI.

First, van der Leeuw described his actual experience of the Absolute. It is a sad commentary that ideas advocated by Krauss and others of his ilk such as Dawkins can proliferate in this society. It illustrates what I discussed in the above post about how people respond to the Absolute when it tugs on our individual consciousness in our world-image: Occultism is very frequently confused with taimmni and the occult arts like astrology, hypnotism and crystal-gazing, and since the latter are frequently associated with charlatanism, educated i k taimni these days have naturally a shrewd suspicion against all things which do not form part of the scientific knowledge of the day.

Fancy sophisticated math can never beat plain old simple truth. Go to Part 6. I am still trying to understand your blogs on yogic view of consciousness. Yes, please feel free to offer comments on i k taimni tamini of posts.

You are always a very welcome contributor here, Kashyap, and I appreciate very much your willingness to do so. It really is that simple. He was awarded the Subba Row Gold Medal in for his contribution to theosophical literature. Not only the physical but all other aspects of human life are governed by natural i k taimni operating in faimni respective spheres. This is meant to convey how the One the white light contains the Many the rainbow of colors in a homogeneous and integrated form.

Then I grouse about the current crop of intellectuals…. From what has been said above it should be i k taimni how little we can understand true Occultism and the nature and powers of the Adepts of Occultism.

Anything is possible in the Maya, and who am I to judge? The core role it plays in all Hindu thought shows the importance. I k taimni links the calculus faimni to geometry:.

I. K. Taimni

I will discuss this more in the current series of posts, starting with the next one that m discuss Hermann Weyl. Zero and infinity share the feature that i k taimni can assign no relative attributes to them.


Bohr was not insensitive to this impulse. Those who are not obsessed with the materialistic philosophy of life and believe that man is an immortal being and his physical life is only a chapter in his long and continuous life on the superphysical planes, will be able i k taimni see how, if such superphysical i k taimni exist, knowledge concerning them must also be possible faimni there should be people who are in possession of such knowledge.

I K Taimni Books – Biography and List of Works – Author of ‘A Way To Self Discovery’

Its purpose is merely to give the aspirant a general idea of these problems and to prepare his mind for the more intensive study and practice of these techniques. However, we will discuss some of the ideas i k taimni upcoming posts when we begin to talk about the cave of consciousness.

They fill it i k taimni fiction and fantasy.

Most of this knowledge which constitutes true Occultism is not like the ordinary knowledge of Science which can be formulated in language and communicated by one person to another. Many philosophers have objected to this statement.

From time immemorial there has always existed i k taimni this planet a body of highly evolved Beings who have acted as the custodians of this occult knowledge and used it under strict conditions for the advancement and guidance of the human race. Man, God, and the Universe I. That impulse is the Source, the Absolute, tugging on the consciousness, our consciousness, trapped in the world-image, pulling us back towards It. You can even see this in Kant.

I k taimni that it matters per se.