+ Hyperion Financial Management Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is a Recurring Journal? Question2: What is an Auto Reversing. Frequently asked Hyperion Interview Questions with detailed answers and examples. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, part of the Oracle EPM Suite. 29 Jul Ans: Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a financial consolidation and reporting application built with advanced Web technology.

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Have you used any? We can select the Excel Smart View.

In HFM, we can create number of plug accounts, but based on requirement we will create the plug accounts for elimination process. Custom top member is a member of Account Dimension, where we have to mention which top member in the hierarchy of a custom dimension is valid for the account.

What is alternative hierarchy? Debits and Credits will not be balanced Balanced by entity: Custom dimensions names are not standard. And then load that into HFM. How many level of security in HFM?

Assets, liabilities and ownership equity are listed as of a specific date, interveiw as the end of its financial year. Why are dimensions listed on the user POV when changing them has no effect on intervuew grid?


HFM or Hyperion Financial Management Interview Questions

Hyperion Workspace- Agent Application 5. What is data audit in HFM? What is data lock? So, in customer 1, we are going to have source currency and in customer 2, we have destination currency.

There are 12 standard dimensions in HFM. What is mean value dimension?

HFM Interview Questions and Answers

Receive Approval or Reject. If we create a journal as Auto Reversing Journal, the journal will post in the next period by reversing the Debit and Credit. A means of converting balances from one currency to another via a third common currency.

What are the dimensions will be covered while creating Application Profile. How many plug accounts we can create? Usually occurs when a web. Write a rule to enter value for particular account? What Is Tolerance Amount? Validation Rule Group-It contains a set of administrator definged rules that perform checks and balances against the target system.

Enable Custom 2 aggregation weight. This setting specifies whether users of an application see all dimension members or only those to which they have access.

Hyperion is dependent imterview services.

It is a Group user purpose. No selection for Data Grid.

Following are system defined members for ICP dimension. So 3 dimension members View, Period, Year will managdment created by the system and remaining dimension members will be created by the consultants. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a financial consolidation tool.


Hyperion Financial Reporting Interview Questions from GoLogica

A user-controlled mechanism that prevents changes to data according to specified criteria, such as period or scenario. Hyperion Workspace- Web Application.

Particular entity or not in a particular month? Custom 4 Top Member. Create plug account in account dimension. Following are system defined members for ICP dimension.

You can manually enter or edit data. We can restrict the POV. If you set node security as Entity, all members of the value dimension would be visible How many dimensions are system defined and how many dimensions are user defined uyperion what are they? Normally we will hypwrion select this for balance sheet accounts, because we will use closing rate for balance sheet accounts.

We can connect to any data source listed in Connection Manager. For flow accounts i. IC Period is not opened. How many rules an application can have? Blue – Header cell. Linking option is not available.