Classification of Standard Ballscrews Standard Ballscrew Spindle HIWIN recommends our standard regular ballscrews for your design. However, high lead. The combination of state-of-the-art machining technology, manufacturing experiences, and engineering expertise makes. HIWIN ballscrew users “High- Tech. 1 Feb HIWIN Standard Ballscrew Spindle and Lead. HIWIN recommends the use of our standard ballscrews for your application, but we also offer.

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The gear ratios from 7. They are used to hiwin ball screw catalogue equipment catalkgue vibrations and collisions. Hiwin precision ballscrews are made through a grinding process of the screw spindle.

Our kit is easy to install and maintain providing a clean and environmentally friendly way to sustain a machines longevity. Low profile silent ball-type guides with integrated porous separator.

Hiwin ball screw catalogue series of telescopic rails T-Race. EML servo power from 1 kW bapl 4 kW. The major differences between a rolled and ground ballscrew are the manufacturing process, the lead error definition and geometrical tolerances. Load range of 15 to 70 kg. Ballscrews of R1 series are the ballscrews with rotating nut.

Easy installation and low weight. A distinctive feature of the ballscrew in comparison with the trapezoidal screw and nut is the availability hiain the rolling elements between the screw and nut. The forced fluids hiwin ball screw catalogue the shaft and ball nut temperature uniform, increasing the strength durability and extending the expected service life of the ballscrew.

Rod ends of PHS series Made of steel with zinc coating. Voltage 12 V, scgew V or 36 V. Ball screws with dust protection designed to prevent small particles and iron filings under the nut body. High axial load and acceleration.


Ballscrews HIWIN (leadscrew HIWIN)

OB 31, OB T-Race Rollers are used for high load capacity in the radial and axial directions. Geared motors Worm motor reducers Made from high quality aluminum alloy. The gear ratio of 1: Various power and the number of inputs for hiwin ball screw catalogue actuators.

Rolled ballscrews are suitable for use in the most applications, especially in budgetary solutions of machines with CNC.

Material – rubber NK.

The system of linear guides series LA galvanized and stainless steel. Reduced friction due to the plastic cage balls. Stepper motors Stepper motors Fulling Motor Fulling Motor stepper motors are characterized by high precision, stable performance, low noise levels and a variety of models. HIWIN’s dustproof ballscrews are designed to prevent the ingress of small particles, iron dust and hiwin ball screw catalogue production debris under the nut hiwin ball screw catalogue.

Heavy load ballscrews offer times higher loading capacity than a standard ballscrew series. HIWIN has the most modern production equipment, high-qualified engineers, ensuring the quality in the manufacture and installation, in the production of ballscrews only high materials are used to match all the customer requirements. The support bearings are always needed for fixing of the ballscrews on its axis and the free screw rotation around its axis.

Completing for machine tools Vibration dampers OV, OV Prevent unwanted vibration during operation of industrial plants. The design of the hiwin ball screw catalogue includes the nut and the radial bearing as a unified system.

EMG servo power from 1 kW to 5 kW. Complectation with a servomotor optional.

Linear guide ball-type, intended for perception high loads. Backlash-free flexible couplings ZTK, have high reliability and torsional strength.


Ballscrews- Huntley, Illinois- HIWIN Corporation

The load of 9 to kg. Made of steel with zinc coating. Front panel F F panel has a high speed response, flexibility in use and easy to application interface service. Series BK, BF for horizontal installation. Dust-proof options are designed to prevent particles or debris from entering hiwin ball screw catalogue ball nut, especially for application environments involving saw dust, iron filings, etc. bll


HIWIN’s ballscrews are characterized hiwin ball screw catalogue precise motion with a low friction, they are needed a bit of the driving moment and have a high rigidity at the smooth motion. Trapezoidal screws and nuts bqll a warehouse in Moscow. Spindles ELTE standard series, liquid and air-cooled, with automatic tool change. Equipped with a switching power supply. The smooth movement of heavy loads at high speeds.

Aluminum profile Aluminum profile for CNC machines They are used in systems with a high degree of load and high reliability requirements. They are produced on hiwin ball screw catalogue. T-bolt with flange nut: Linear roller guide series MR is ideal for heavy-duty work. EMJ servo power from W catslogue 1 kW. These highly efficient ballscrews provide high positioning accuracy and repeatability, smooth movement and long service life.

By incorporating rollers, these screws offer super high rigidity and are able to achieve a longer hiwin ball screw catalogue life. Wide linear guide ball-type can not be used in pairs. Polished ballscrews of the high precision catslogue.