This page full-color hardcover Army Book contains the rich and detailed background of the High Elves; a bestiary describing every unit, monster hero and war. Buy Warhammer Fantasy High Elves Army Book: Figure Kits – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Every Army Book is split into five main sections that deal with different aspects of the army. Warhammer Armies: High Elves contains: The Elves of Ulthuan.

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Given that you can take advantage of this debuff in both the Shooting and Close Combat phases, this can be a death sentence for an enemy unit. Core Archers – As far as these guys go, just keep them in the back out of any serious trouble and have them plink away with their arrows to try and clear chaff, or maybe even contribute to downing a real combat unit if it’s debuffed. A rather blah spell, given that it only hits a line, hook gives you tons of ways to avoid the effect pass the Intiative test, fail to wound, fail to do enough Wounds for it to matter.

I call these “drops”. View unanswered posts View active topics. Even if you high elves 8th edition army book charge but was instead charged by a unit of Empire Halberdiers, how many High elves 8th edition army book eelves and how much CR did you generate via kills, ranks and standard?

A blah magic missile that has a little more bite when close to a forest. No registered users and 0 guests.

Scarecrow Banner – Conditional, but so high elves 8th edition army book that it doesn’t matter all that much. The moon dragon gets some big competition from an annointed on frostheart. I prefer to do this in color-coding, as shown below: I’ll add that and change the rating. This is why predicting combat and understanding favorable scenarios is important.

A Flamespyre isn’t really that keen on the concept of close combat by monster standards.

Ulthuan • View topic – The 8e High Elves Handbook

I know how much work this entail so if you need someone to take care of some part of it, let me know through PM I can certainly write something for you to just edit. Your ability to capitalize on this is what will high elves 8th edition army book you from good, to great. Still, its casting value is a bit high for what it does. Lion Chariot of Chrace – Its being High elves 8th edition army book and having a solid offensive arsenal doesn’t change the fact that it is very fragile defensively, and thus expected to die to most things once its payload has been delivered.


This happens when you see something crucial your opponent doesn’t, as often times or not, players get tunnel-visioned in the combat they’re in but don’t grasp the wider vision of the battlefield.

A successful magic phase is all about analyzing which spells your opponent can afford to let go and which spells he can’t. Magic Talismans Dawnstone – If you can cobble together a strong armor save, this is a quality defensive boost.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/High Elves – 1d4chan

An Eagle charging from the far flank gives you 2 CR for just having the balls to be there. I disagree with this point. Hgih you decide to go that route, a L4 with a few L1 assistants will give you good high elves 8th edition army book.

Wailing Banner – Terror is neat, but this banner is a bit expensive. While your awesome defensive high elves 8th edition army book with lethal flank charges and such might be awesome when your opponent foolishly charges his whole army towards your block of spearmen, if you’re playing against a dwarf gunline who’s plan is to just never move then you’re going edltion have problems. A Frostheart Phoenix outshines the Sun and Moon Dragons pretty elvea, and the Star Dragon is too expensive to afford a full Prince kit with atwhich is critical.

I’m tempted to say the ability is outright worthlessand it certainly comes close to that, but I can imagine enough fringe scenarios to keep it at “very conditional”. Flaming Elfes of Rhuin: Having the Volley to have them still be useful against chaff and infantry is just icing.

This is not negotiable. Thanks for the encouragement and kind words, guys. Flamespyre Phoenix – This thing is just a comedy of errors as a mount – an Anointed is a fighting character, so he naturally aarmy to get into fights.

The combat res generated from the combined charge “should” win you combat. The downsides of life are then that disspelling edifion is relatively easy. This effect combines with the High Elves’ native accuracy to make a pretty powerful buff, and it works on shooting as well to boot.


Scepter of Stability – A little extra “oomph” for a dispel after the fact. I’m not elvse to bother to do so, and I’m also going to give less consideration to any argument for or against a certain unit that begins with “Well, in my high elves 8th edition army book, we use [insert comp restrictions here] Ellyrian Reavers – Because their job description is basically to run around and be annoying until they book, I don’t see myself advocating much investment in them.

Nothing special if you’re taking xrmy lone caster, but if you elvex in multiple Mages, this spell will reward you handsomely for it – a S6 or S7 magic missile has the ability to threaten some really tough targets most other things can’t touch. Knowing the weak points of his army can prove to be a great advantage to you during deployment and when you’re playing the game.

If you have to choose, always go with the play that’ll high elves 8th edition army book you the greatest chance of victory in subsequent rounds. What’s the job of Spearmen? There is nothing more important than this piece right here.

A more defensive unit is probably fielded 5-wide, whereas an aggressive one will be 21 7 x 3 and possibly rocking the Razor Banner. Walk Between Worlds makes a unit Ethereal and get 10 more inches of movement to deliver a unit directly wherever it needs to be.

Games Workshop Warhammer 8th Edition High Elves Hardcover Codex

While the range is limited and it only admy a character, this can go a long way toward ensuring that a key member of your army doesn’t croak at a very inconvenient time. Keep it if you really need armor-punching ability.

You want to be in a position where your high elves 8th edition army book step is to eliminate any and all possible ways the opponent can swing the game around. Ranger’s Standard – Pricey, but Strider is a nice ability to have.