HEMPADUR is a two-component, polyamide adduct cured epoxy paint with good wetting properties and low water permeability. It is selfpriming and. Hempel Hempadur Epoxy Protective Coating – Excellent adhesion to most marine substrates. We are pleased to present to your attention HEMPADUR polyamide adduct cured epoxy paint. Harmless to grain cargoes. Good resistance to seawater.

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Hempadur 45143

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Hempel hempadur 45143 white 10000 5 litre 2 pack paint

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Harmless to grain cargoes. Drop your rating on Epoxy paint: Our product selection High precision fiber reinforced composite bearing: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning Climate control: Our product selection APRS: Our product selection Folding box with attached lid on hem;adur long side: Robot control TeachBox R9.

List your products and services to enhance your web presence and receive qualified enquiries. Hand protection Industrial safety: Protective clothing Security systems Industrial safety: It is selfpriming and forms a hard and tough coating which has good resistance against abrasion and impact as well as to seawater, mineral oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons and splashes from petrol and related products.

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