If you are on medication, Healer Baskar advises you to continue that! At the same time, yes, there will be no side effects of anatomic therapy- Because it has no.

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Can download all the information from the beginning to till now after the Apps has started.

The amount will be refunded only through bank transaction only. As per your travelling schedule healer baskar anatomic therapy completing the last day program you can stay here in night and can in the morning.

Mind, Body and Spirit Therapy with Meditation.

Five Days Camp Level 1. Five Day Residential Camp Level – 1. Anatomic Therapy app Anatomictherapy Lifestyle. In this you can get information about programmes of Healer baskar anatomic therapy.

There is no charges to download this apps and also for other information in this apps. The registration no is mandatory. The hygienic life based with two attitudes, one is recoveringfrom the disease, and anatomiic other is following the fundamentals of immunity of the body. Moreover, we may learn more informative subjects through this course, which should be known anatomicc every individual human beings. If you download this, it will help to receive all the information of Healer Baskar who learn and benefited matters.

Required clothes for the camp. healer baskar anatomic therapy

Age limit Only above 12years will be allowed. Full payment for the ensuing camp should be made before the camp starts. View Previous program Photo. View Previous program Video. Treatment for all diseases.


Participant can postpone their schedule for next month program. A way to improve yourself…. Find your Disease – Symptoms – Medicine. Bring the car cover who is coming by car. Healer baskar anatomic therapy is a five days camp, which would regenerate our body and mind in a natural environment.

This course would help us to keep our mind peaceful and happy. Anatomic Therapy foundation Address: This Apps contains Body, mind, peace, Educational changes, Agriculture, science and good information. At any cost amount will not be given in the form of cash. Purchase them and get benefited from it.

Every Participants are previllged to stay back in the foundation in the last day night and move in the morning in accordace to healer baskar anatomic therapy convenient. After payment confirmation, kindly receive your registrations number from our office. Near Paripoorna Estates, Kovaipudur – Moreover how to cure ourselves, from whatever disease which develops from our body without any tablet or medicine.

Try Google Play with Chrome. In addition to that, we may learn mind, very elaborately healer baskar anatomic therapy keep it peacefully.

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Five day Applications form Download. There is no cancellation option. Welcome to Anatomic therapy Apps. Any one comes directly to the program seat will be allotted only if the seat is available at that time.

Miscellaneous of people are participating and getting benefits through healer baskar anatomic therapy heaoer worldwide, which is conducted by Healer Baskar.

Amount will be refunded to their respective bank account within 7 working days after completing the 5 days camp.


The extra internet charges, bank transaction charges, commission charges amount will not be refunded. Interested person can provide the refunded amount as donation.

Brain Wave Healer baskar anatomic therapy Binaural. It also teaches usearning through small scale industries, the nutritious and natural food preparing, the herbal drinks, the traditional organic agriculture, the awareness of law, the knowledge of world politics, share market, family health, social welfare and world peace.

Easy treatment with Homoeopathy. Healer Baskar conducts the 5days camp. After payment is done, please inform healer baskar anatomic therapy our office Cell: While coming to program bring the payment receipt or payment details for verification. At any cost if the participants are unable to attend the programm.

Welcome to Anatomic Therapy Foundation

If there is any changes or inconvenience to participate in schedule date participant kindly inform us as anztomic as tuerapy atleast 10 days before. Tamil Nadu – India.

Register online, download the form, fill it up and bring a copy of it to the camp. Healer baskar anatomic therapy plus diseases at your home using Doctor At Home android app. They can send their alternatives on condition that the gents must be occupied the gents as well as the ladies must be occupied by ladies.