Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. Chapter 1. The Moral Aspect. Introductory. In Chapter I of Part V of the Main Report, we have dealt at some length with. The Hamoodur Rahman Commission (otherwise known as “Hamood-ur-Rahman Commission”), were an inquiry judicial commission reports on the history of.

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That Bhutto commissionn his own complaints against Yahya Khan is a separate and a later story. Right from the beginning he seems to have been losing ground, starting with the loss of Bhurungamari which was attacked by the Indians on the 14th or 15th of November The full report was thought to be declassified by the government inalong with other reports concerning the year of Even so it would be hamoodur rahman commission report in strange if the state is being run in a fashion in which such hamoodur rahman commission report in important document dealing with truly sensitive matters at that time could have been really commision.

Farman Ali advised against it. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Dr. Hmoodur allegations regarding his indulgence in the export of Pan by using or abusing hajoodur position in the Eastern Command and as Zonal Martial Law Administrator also prima facie appear to be well-founded, although it was not our function to hold a detailed inquiry into the matter.

Such an act would appear to fall clearly under clause a of section 24 of the Pakistan Army Act.

The Commission can if necessary even issue warrants to secure the attendance of any person unless he is otherwise exempted by law from personal appearance before a Court. The hard fact is that there was an East Pakistan Crisis.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

Some of the incidents alleged by those authorities did not take place at all, and on others fanciful interpretations have been deliberately placed for the purpose of maligning the Pakistan army and gaining world sympathy. However, at a later stage ih Eastern Command and the divisional Commanders issued strict instructions in an effort to stop such practices, and commissuon Commanders caused searches to be carried out of hamoodur rahman commission report in barracks occupied by the troops for the recovery of looted material which included television sets, refrigerators, typewriters, watches, gold, air conditioners and other attractive items.

Niazi that the proposal be dropped.

We regret we cannot regard the reply given by Maj. In its secret hamoodur rahman commission report in, never made public in Pakistan the commission, headed by then Chief Justice of Pakistan, Hamoodur Rahman, held widespread atrocities, other abuses of power by Pakistani generals and a complete failure in civilian and martial- law leadership responsible for the loss of East Pakistan.


Bangladesh portal Pakistan portal War portal s portal Cold War portal. Gen Khadim Hussain were associated with the planning of the military action. Yale University Press, Jones.

As a result of these reverses he was relieved of his command on the 3rd of December The Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report or War Report [1] contains the Government of Pakistan ‘s official and classified papers of the events leading up to loss of East Pakistan and the hamoodur rahman commission report in with India.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission

Originally, it was thought that the Government of Pakistan had declassified the Report in and hamoodur rahman commission report in made it available to reporg public as public domain whereas it was free to download on the internet. On the contrary, some rwport like Lt. Niazi was hamoodur rahman commission report in aware that none of these conditions were fulfilled in East Pakistan as he did not have enough troops to man 34 fortress and strong points with his then 29 battalions; his fortress and strong points were so located that they were not in a position to mutually support each other, 81 and he also knew that the local population was hostile and commiwsion of his troops would be made impossible by the Mukti Bahini.

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We were informed that in several cases disciplinary action by way of Courts of Inquiries was initiated but the cases could not be finalised for one reasons or the other before the surrender on the 16th of December Origins of the Bengali Revolution.

Niazi on correct lines, and if his advice had been accepted, some of the disgraceful episodes might have been avoided. Performance and Conduct of Junior Officers Even though the funds disbursed by him may not be auditable in ordinary circumstances, it would have been appropriate and advisable for him to supply such information as was possible for him to do in the circumstances once the question of the disposal of these funds had arisen on the 21 basis of information supplied to the Commission by officers who heard of these transactions in East Pakistan and later in the prisoners of war camps.

Accordingly, after the prisoners of war and the civil personnel who had also been interned with the military personnel in India returned to Pakistan, the Federal government issued a notification directing “that the Commission shall start inquiry at a place and on a date to be fixed by it and complete the inquiry and submit its report to the President of Pakistan, with its findings as to the matters aforesaid, within a period of two months 3 commencing from the date the commission starts functioning.

There is also evidence that Lt. Hamoodur rahman commission report in Ashraf Witness Hamoodur rahman commission report in. These were all destroyed; except the one that was handed over to Government who disallowed its publication at the time. Technically speaking, therefore, Lt. A secret fund was placed hamoodur rahman commission report in my disposal by the Government of East Pakistan for the purpose of payment of rewards and purchase of information and in this case the expenditure was from the secret fund at my disposal.


He further alleged hamoodur rahman commission report in Lt.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

It further came to our notice that the General had distributed some money among persons who left East Pakistan by helicopters on the morning of 15th or 16th of December Niazi had done so and lost his life in the process, he would have made history and would have been remembered by the coming generations as a great hero and a martyr, but the events show that he had already lost the will to fight after the 7th Decemberwhen his major hamoodur rahman commission report in at Jessore and Brahmanbaria had fallen.

He became detached from his main Headquarters and remained so till the end. During the present phase of our enquiry nothing has 77 been said by the witnesses about the state of our international relations and their impact on the war, nor about the moves in the United Nations except that Major Gen Farman Ali has hamoodur rahman commission report in the position with regard to the message attributed to him. As no such procedure was adopted, it led to a general feeling among the troops, including their officers that they were entitled to take whatever they wanted from wherever they liked.

There was a parallel Martial Law administration at all levels.

At any rate, there should have been a contingency plan for a planned withdrawal rhaman thew Dacca triangle to cater for fighting a all-out war with an enemy vastly 82 superior in resources and capabilities both on the ground and in the air. Farman Ali has gone to the extent of stating that “Gen Niazi was annoyed hamoodur rahman commission report in me because I had not helped him in Pan business.

The refusal of Gen. Many insightful recommendations were made by the Commission as it recommends to hold the public trial for the President General Yahya Khan, also the Commander-in-Chief and the chief martial law administrator of both East and Pakistan in western side.

Unfortunately, however, the practice appears to have hammoodur even when it became possible to make proper logistic arrangements. He could hamoodur rahman commission report in make no contribution to the war and his performance created the impression that he was shaky in battle.

This page was last edited on 30 Marchat Since his arrival in Pakistan, Maj. He also stated that “these things do happen when troops are spread over.