Home · Author: elg 7 downloads 55 Views 9MB Size. Report. 11 Mar Hairspray musical libretto pdf – llz. viewHAIRSPRAY Full Script – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx New Broadway Libretto. “I Know Where I’ve Been” MOTORMOUTH & COMPANY “(It’s) Hairspray” CORNY & COMPANY 4 O’Donnell, Meehan, 9haiman, and Wittman HAIRSPRAY.

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It is of high. End of Scene Hairspray libretto. No requests or submissions of hairspray libretto easily purchased. Brought to you by Ultra Clutch! I’m sure Tracy appreciates you r vote for Miss Hairspday Ha i rspray. So Link, please Rescue me now ‘Ca use I love you. Wa-oh-oh-oh-oh Once upon a time.

hairspray libretto pdf

Tha n ks, Daddy. Without dancers, they’ve got no show.

Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Now I know hairspray libretto life’s about One little touch.


Oh look, it’s the Mad ison, my favorite I. If your size weren’t enough That last answer just blew it! All ratted u p l i ke a teenaged Jezebel. Knock it hairspray libretto, Am ber.

Oh Wo, hairspray libretto, oh, oh.

hairspray libretto That a guy who’s such a gem. Pi n ky, you’re twisting my head! Yes, I know that the world’s been spinning fast now You gotta get yourself a brand-new start. I sure wou ld. Am ber, Hairspray libretto got someth ing for you.

Hairspray | Find a Show | Musicals | Hal Leonard Australia

The KI DS do the dance. And I wuv it! They do it a ll the time on Lassie! How are my two fun ny honeys? Who brings a man-size appetite. How times have changes This girl’s either blind.

I,too, feel not good. Keep the faith, ba by. Follow hairspray libretto libretto posting guidelines. Let’s form two big, strong hairspray libretto ines- it’s Mad uairspray time! Ta m my, lose the pad ding.


Hal Leonard

You’ve got everythi ng: So, it seems we’ll have hairspray libretto opening for a gi rl who is just hairpray fu n loving, but maybe not quite as freewheeli ng. Ithink getting to know you is the beginning of a whole lot of adventure.

Just l ike a ton of bricks, yes hairspray libretto Hea rt burst. Set up a giveaway.

Lady Justice, hear my plea ‘Cause the big dollhouse The big dollhouse.