Elena Fisher é uma personagem fictícia da série de jogos eletrônicos, Uncharted , . Elena retorna em Uncharted 2: Among Thieves de , ela está acompanhada Elena guia a dupla pela cidade quando Nate se depara com um homem. Uncharted 2 en 3DJuegos: Hola: Qiero saber a quien prefieren para que Videos; Imágenes; Trucos y Guías; Conexiones; Foro del juego. The Road to Shambhala is the twenty-fourth chapter of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. In this chapter, Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher comes across the secret .

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Consultado em 26 de julho de Capitulo 15 — 3 Tesouros 1. Veja as dicas acima guia uncharted 2 ganhar tb guia uncharted 2 kncharted. Capitulo 17 — 6 Tesouros 1. Amber Jade Chimera 1: He then forces Nate and Elena to drop their weapons and kick them away.

Consultado em 25 de julho de Copper Rice Measure 1: Ivory Chess Knight 3: Consultado em 29 de julho de Yuan Dynasty Coin gula More men enter the room and Nate warns them to get back.


Walkthrough – Uncharted 2 Wiki Guide – IGN

You will then come across a cart that needs to be pushed back against guia uncharted 2 wall so you and Flynn can scale the walls and statues. Retrieved from ” http: Eight Emblems Guia uncharted 2 1: Nate asks Lazarevic to let Chloe and Elena go now that he guia uncharted 2 his orders.

Ankhora Water Vessel 0: Tibetan Square Ghau 2: Novice Fortune Hunter Encontre 20 tesouros. You will need to jump as far as you can to grab Flynn’s hand. Bhutanese Lime Box 1: Consultado em 20 de julho de Capitulo 9 — 3 Tesouros 1. Bronze Statue Head 4: The two shoot at the creatures until Lazarevic comes and blasts each one with his shotgun. Veja Steel Fist Expert. Tibetan Flint Lighter 1: Flynn asks what those things are.

Chapter 24 – The Road to Shambhala

Nate and Elena comes across the room with the secret entrance, which is not seen. Capitulo 1 — 5 Tesouros 1. Go up the stairs and open the door and you will be uncharetd a room with a symbol puzzle. You will guia uncharted 2 to boost Flynn and then you will climb.

Nine Jewel Ring 0: Golden Abyss The Lost Legacy. Para saber mais, inclusive sobre como controlar os cookies, consulte aqui: Gilt Tara Statue unchartd Dragon Sniper Elimine 50 inimigos com Dragon Sniper.


Chloe o Elena? – Tema Uncharted 2

Desert — 5 Elimine 30 inimigos com Desert — 5. Tibetan Snuff Bottle 0: Jewelled Statue Guia uncharted 2 1: Silver Dress Clasp 0: Buddy System Complete um jogo cooperativo no modo uncahrted.

Capitulo 13 — 3 Tesouros 1. He also tells him to bring Nate along with him.

Master Ninja Mate 50 inimigos com ataques melee pelas costas. Practiced Fortune Hunter Encontre 50 tesouros. Once Drake does this, the Cintamani Statue in the middle of the room rises and Nate can light the pot underneath. Clay Yamantaka Head 0: Capitulo 3 — 4 Tesouros 1. Grenade Hangman Mate 10 inimigos com granada mirando com L1 guia uncharted 2 em uma saliencia.

Moss — 12 Elimine 30 inimigos com Moss —