Tughlaq is a Indian Kannada language play written by Girish Karnad. The thirteen-scene play is set during the reign of Muhammad bin Tughlaq. In , it . Abstract. The present research paper deals with Girish Karnad’s ‘Tughlaq’ as a historical play. ‘Tughlaq’ by Girish Karnad is a classic in. Indian English drama. Tughlaq written by Girish Karnad in , is his best loved play, about an idealist 14th-century Sultan of Delhi, Muhammad bin Tughluq, and allegory on the.

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Tughlaq was a brilliant individual yet is regarded as one of the biggest failures. Next, he calls Psyche again, describing her as the youngest and most beautiful of all the Olympian gods and goddesses. He is a recipient of the Jnanpith Award for Kannada, the highest literary honour conferred in India. What can I say about Tughlaq that hasn’t been said before? A very relevant book for the current times. I think I’ll need to read this book several times before I can uncover the various layers of meaning the play has.

Ayodhya broke a Guiness World Record by lighting over 3 lakh diyas on Diwali this year. Tughlaq wanted his life as a garden of roses, where even thrones also give delight; his imagination expresses his sense about literature.

What skills do students learn through reading Karnad shows the evolution of Tughlaq from an idealist to a tyrant lusty for power and fame, something anyone, any Indian for that matter can relate to easily especially people who are familiar with the Nehruvian Era of Indian politics. Reading Tughlaq was both enjoyable and enlightening for me as I could chalk out many similarities that the play resembles to the modern Indian politic scenario as well.

Jun 16, George Thomas rated it really liked it. He believes this, he says, despite the fact that, unlike other god and goddesses, Psyche has not even a single place of worship. Books by Girish Karnad. Divya Choudhary 14 October at It’s got so much depth and humour in it. I think the closet analogy of a book that I can think of is Animal Farm by George Orwell, you can call this book an Indian version of the same concept.


And as I publish this right now, another ridiculous Tughlaq Darbar is being orchestrated in Karnataka Parliament by majoritarian and coalition politics that might hopefully reach a clincher by today evening. Shows how the most well meaning intentions can be poisoned by power, hubris and paranoia.

As far as the history part goes, the play is factually based which is all the more disturbing But with time, as he evokes from a mere dhobi to a civil servant, his desire for more and his anger and fascination of the politics played by the sultan increases.

There is a lot of depth in the plot and I think just one reading is not really enough, at least for me.

Tughlaq is the best play history ever written and it is equally brought out by Girish Kahand. It kind of also is a reflection of how people these days try to gain favour of others by tapping into others’ sympathy pity and empathy. Just a Muslim dhobi who pretends to be a brahmin in order to use equality between Hindus and Muslims as an excuse for the emperor to prove himself and also gain favour for himself.

I am not surprised that Tughlaq is one of the best loved plays of Girish Karnad. Ratan portrays it with anger and frustration as a Hindu while the sheikh professes his involvement in trying to eliminate tuglaq as a necessity of religion.

Should one laugh at him or listen to him? Play started out with portrayal of wise Tughlaq and ended with mad Tughlaq!!

Tughlaq | play by Karnad |

Newly come from the river, she knew nothing. This is the tale of a wise man katnad his lack of foresight, which led to the stagnation, decay and deterioration of his kingdom. From the very roots till the politicians of our time, this story can be related to all of it. Paintings on discoloured, old artefacts on display in Delhi. They blackened her with burnt corks and cigarette stubs, and rolled around laughing on the tavern floor. Girish Kahand is known to use history and mythology to deal with contemporary issues.


Jul 24, Ankur Vohra rated it really liked it. The Play takes you back to history and once you’re there, you immediately are able to relate it to Indian political scenario.

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Tughlaq A Play In Thirteen Scenes

Tughlaq written by Girish Karnad inis his best loved play, about an idealist 14th-century Sultan of Delhi, Muhammad bin Tughluq, and allegory on the Nehruvian era which started with ambitious idealism and ended up in disillusionment. To see what your friends thought of firish book, please sign up.

It is a fantastic world. Extremely disturbing description of certain practices Shouldnt have rated this book but couldnt resist it. He has translated his major plays into English, and has received critical acclaim across India.

Having seen and loved some of Girish Karnad’s movies, Karand came to know about his plays while playing Secret Santa inbrowsing through some wishlists. Girish Raghunath Karnad Konkani: Not knowing tears, she did not weep tears.

Feb 17, Kanwarpal Singh rated it really liked it. Sheikh-Imam-ud-Din- He is a maulvi and probably the harshest critic of Tughlaq. His rule that began with ideals of a unified India soon degenerated into anarchy.

His reforms seem to have a genius, all they lack is a bit of common sense. At first he doesn’t seem like an important character.

Like Muhammad he also makes use of religion and caste for his personal gains. Much later thru my fav columnist Jay Vasavada Gujarati newspaperI came to know that he is one our best modern playwrights.