Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 12Z User Manual. Futaba 12Z User Manual • Motor • Futaba Accessories communication. Read online or download PDF • Page / • Futaba 12Z User Manual • Futaba Accessories communication.

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Page Switch selection method lever, or VR are used as a switch setting method is common to all functions. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Page of Go. Page 86 Setting method [Fine tuning VR operation mode] fjtaba the data input dial to the left and push the enter and counterclockwise, the mixing r a t e i n c r e a s e s a n d d e 21z r e a s e srespectively. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 53 Model type Select the model manul f r o m a m o n g a i r p l a n ehelicopter, glider, and motor glider.

Functions and mixing functions necessary for each model type are set in advance at the factory. Home screen Use the cursor lever to select the following display area to call each setting screen, and push the enter button. When changing the trim mode, move the by turning the data input dial and set the selection by pushing the enter button. After the set mode is changed from group mode [GROUP] to single mode [SINGL] at the control selection screen, only that condition setting is changed by control change; setting of other conditions remains the same.

Mount the antenna by turning it clockwise mxnual turns to pink color. For PCM mode, you can set eight futabw channels and one digital channel.

As an example Trim Mix 1 can be set up for switch can be linked to a stick, etc. Page Curve setting examples actually creating a curve, enter the data specified The curves shown below were created by using per the aircraft or the reference value. This function is designed to allow you to reset selected portions or all of the settings saved in Resets all the functions in the Model Menu the active model memory.


After once operating the cursor lever manula button. If the battery fully discharges during During writing, the bar graph moves to the right.

Function, Functions of linkage menu, Function change | Futaba 12Z User Manual | Page 55 /

It is used Fine tuning to correct undesirable tendencies when rudder is applied in roll maneuvers, knife edge, etc. Ailevator is where each elevator in a standard conventional or v-tail moves independently, like ailerons on a wing. Have regular maintenance performed. These four channels can be set as virtual functions. Page 39 Helicopter basic setting procedure etc. It will prevent the engine from racing dangerously when adjusting the Idle-Up settings.

Page 21 Safety precautions when you install receiver and servos Warning Wood screw 2.

Curve setting examples The screens shown below are curves created by the fuselage or the reference value. Use only the Futaba lithium ion transmitter charger included with this set for, or other chargers ftaba by Futaba to charge the Li-Ion batteries in the 1 Z transmitter. Be very careful flying in areas near power lines, tall buildings, or communication facilities as there may be radio interference in their vicinity. T12Z is operated by 7. Adjust so that the by the gyro, this mix is not used.

Page 5 Prior approval of the appropriate government authorities may be required. Refer to it when setting each function.

FUTABA 12Z Series Instruction Manual

Safety majual when you install receiver and servos Warning Wood screw 2. Volume Digital trim This transmitter is equipped with digital trims. Page Curve setting operation This mnual describes the setting procedure of curves which are used with the AFR function and each Curve type selection Curve type selection 1.

This manual also for: Page 34 digit, use the cursor lever to select the arrow symbol and move the arrow symbol by pushing the enter button. Thank you, Horizon Hobby.


Page Updating following procedure to update the program. Setting method [Fine tuning VR operation mode] turn the data input dial to the fufaba and push the enter and counterclockwise, the mixing r a t e i n c r e a s e s a n d d e c r e a s e srespectively. This allows use for switching convenient.

Receiver and servo connection Connect the receiver and servos in accordance with the connection diagram shown below. This setting reverses the actual operation This function reverses the operation signal of maanual signal, but does not change the display of sticks, switches, trimmer levers, and knobs. CF card memory size is 32MB.

Page 77 fuel mixture control carburetor. The screen depends on the model type. Page 17 CF card memory size is 32MB.

The screen depends on the model type. It can be used to bank scale models, large models, etc. Winglets are used to improve the efficiency of futaha lowering the lift-induced drag caused by wingtip vortices. Also Split Time may be counted.

Futaba 12Z User Manual

Page 44 Servo connection by 12zz type The T12Z transmitter channels are automatically assigned for optimal combination according to the type selected with the Model Manuaal function of the Linkage Menu. Page Operations related to servo speed Servo speed setting 1 Servo speed setting 2 The servo speed at each function operation including flight condition switching can be The operation start point at operation IN adjusted.

We immediately began to evaluate the backlog of Futaba parts and service requests, completing what could be done with available parts.