Mitsubishi Electrics Need Technical Help Download Our Product Brochure Here. Home › Refrigeration Friga-Bohn TA7R-8P Friga Bohn Dual Discharge EVAP. Friga Bohn. frigabohnlogolargeimage An intermediate drain pan avoids condensation on the casing. Click here for the catalogue and specifications. 28 May Guys, Does someone can get old catalogs from IK and GT FRIGA-BOHN evaporators. The models are from and I need to know the.

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Compact unit cooler used in refrigeration cabinets and small cold rooms – single discharge. Find unit by model Advanced search.

Friga-Bohn Evaporators

Find out about friga bohn catalogue publications which are designed to provide more cataloguw product categories or special selections. Standard commercial unit cooler designed for medium cold rooms – dual discharge. Change country Login Friga bohn catalogue. Standard commercial unit cooler designed for medium cold and freezing rooms – single discharge. The high air flow speed guarantees extremely rapid refrigeration of food. The NK range is designed for industrial refrigeration, conservation or deep-freezing applications.

Wide choice of alternatives for specific environment streamer, stainless steel, The 54 models of the NW range meet the requirements of rapid deep-freezing and refrigeration applications.

FRIGA-BOHN – Spare Parts Commercial refrigeration – LF Spare Parts

What models do you need? The models are from and I need to know the cooling capacity. Family of the smallest available one- and two-fan condensers. Family of medium capacity condensers equipped friga bohn catalogue centrifugal fans.


NK version H high efficiency: Various electric, hot water or hot gas defrost possibilities. EC motor optional empowers optimization of noise level and power consumption.

Drip tray under the coil and condensate discharge pump. Also I can’t find the IK By using these services, you accept our use of cookies. Family of condensers with V-shape aligned exchangers – they occupy less area comparing to ACE.

Exceptionally low noise levels with the 6 or 8-pole models. Friga-bohn catalogues Can someone tell me if the new models GT and IK have suffer modification, I mean, does the capacity remains the same.

I could scan them and send them by mail, but I’m new friga bohn catalogue this site so not sure how best to send them. Family of the most popular dry coolers with high capacity range, available with horizontal and vertical air flow.

Commercial, flat, compact and aesthetic unit coolers designed friga bohn catalogue use in small and medium rooms with low ceiling – single discharge. Adapted to humidity-sensitive products. Friga bohn catalogue 3C-A range is designed for commercial and semi industrial refrigeration applications or low temperature storage. Family of condensers equipped with two or three fans, available with horizontal and vertical air flow.

Friga-bohn catalogues Yeah I have those catalogues. Water valves Watertight seals and rings Welding materials Wheels and accessories Whipping pumps Whisks, hooks and flat beaters Wire pan supports Wirings – Cablings.

Vending machines Warewashing equipment. Commercial friga bohn catalogue mounted unit cooler designed for blast chilling and freezing featured by high air velocity. Was off work for the last two days friga bohn catalogue holidays.


Digital catalogues Download or browse our interactive digital catalogues. I have old catalogues in work. This forum is a free and open discussion board. Commercial unit cooler for cooling applications – dual discharge.

Originally Posted by Derek Cray. The height-adjustable legs favour homogenous distribution of air over the friga bohn catalogue. The low air flow speed guarantees comfort as well as accurate control of both temperature and hygrometry. Commercial unit cooler designed for use in freezing tunnels.

Evaporators & Heat-Exchangers LGL-France, FRIGA-BOHN

Download our free app! Small unit friga bohn catalogue designed for use in refrigeration cabinets — single or dual discharge. Vibration damper pads placed under the motor help reduce the noise level.

Guard design with air stream straighteners guaranteeing excelent air flow. This site uses cookies allowing us to publish personalized content and advanced tools.


An intermediate drain pan avoids condensation on friga bohn catalogue casing. Click here for the catalogue and specifications. The easiest and most effective way to work with the LF Groups sales programme Download on your iPad and stay connected at all times! Supplied with factory wired fans as standard. Send to this email: They work ffriga R22 dry-expansion.

Download on your iPad and stay connected at all times!