The authentic website for Franklin Merrell-Wolff, created and supported by his family and friends. Our mission is not merely to present Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s. 31 May By Franklin Merrell-Wolff. IT IS A COMMON and apparently quite natural habit with us to regard the material given through the senses as being. This book provides a critical exposition of the philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff , a twentieth-century mystic and philosopher–an exceedingly rare and fruitful.

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I saw but one solution, the Realization of this Divinity. In my relative consciousness I knew that I was thinking such massive thoughts, and I felt the infiltration of value from them. He did graduate work at Stanford and Harvard.

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Franklin Merrell-Wolff

The practice of Listening Attention. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

They are simply dissolved away as something irrelevant, or as something which acts so far below one as to leave him in his real being untouched. Merrell-Wolff wrote the following about his spiritual awakening note that we have inserted paragraph breaks below for ease of reading: The discrete manifoldness and apparent pluralism of sensibly given things are quite compatible with a continuous and unitary substantial matrix.

At times, I am ecstatic; again I am in a flame of fire that causes me actual physical distress, and I rain water from every pore.

My Awakening

At the final moment, I was prepared not to have the personal, time-bound man share in any of the values that might inhere in the insight. Wolff’s philosophy was described by religious scholar Arthur Versluis as a “consistent and extensive body of work with a unique vocabulary and set of concepts”. Two franklkn insights also contributed to the current experience. After exploring various mystical teachings and paths, he dedicated himself to the path of jnana yoga and the writings of Shankarathe expounder of the Advaita Frankli school of Hindu philosophy.


A short biography of Franklin Merrell-Wolff

In a sense that still remains a mystery to science, these fluids are vitally necessary to life. You are here Home. But a few days were required for the completion of this effort. Wolff’s published books, which detail his experience and philosophy, include Pathways Through to SpaceThe Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Objectand Transformations in Consciousness: I find there are some who will report feeling the joyous quality, even though the state I might be experiencing was not announced or otherwise noted.

This represents a transcendent form of knowledge which is neither conceptual nor empirical.

Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s Experience and Philosophy: To understand these mystical uses of words one must isolate and idealize the essential functions of the corresponding literal or physical process. Learn more about Amazon Prime. During the Great Depression, Wolff began prospecting for gold in order to support his family. There Wolff built a stone house that would become home for over thirty years, and tended to the orchard that would provide economic support for the family.

Curious to hear your take on it Shawn. The Assembly of Man continued its work, and Wolff administered to his students, who were primarily centered in the metropolitan areas of Chicago and Los Angeles. The little tragedies of men left me indifferent. Retrieved from ” https: If this other way is indeed true, if there is another way of cognition that is not recognized in the academy at that time, then the kind of knowledge rendered available by that other way of cognition, if it exists, is so important that no philosophic statement could be adequate which franklkn its existence.

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At this point it is necessary in some measure to turn away from the mental habits of the modern chemist and physiologist and try to feel a meaning closer to that given by the ancients. Images of Women in Maharashtrian Society. It was like happiness or joy, but these words are inadequate. You Have 0 Item s In Cart. But I was not satisfied with the soundness of the thinking, and the result was that for three years I disputed the soundness mererll-wolff his position with the leader of the group; meanwhile, feeling that yet there was something here.