Fidelio. Opera in two acts, by L. van Beethoven. [Libretto by Joseph von Sonnleithner]. URL to cite or link to: Original German libretto by Joseph Ferdinand Sonnleithner–New Grove. Book/ Printed Material Fidelio (). Libretto. Libretto. English Leonore / Constancy. Title: Fidelio (). Libretto. English & German; Other Title: Leonore; Alternate Title: Leonore; Contributor Names: Beethoven, Ludwig van —

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There is also an offstage trumpet. On orders, Livretto has been giving the imprisoned Florestan diminishing rations until he is nearly starved to death.

Pizarro exclaims that he cannot let the minister discover the imprisoned Florestan, who has been thought dead. Mein Weib, mein Weib, an meiner Brust! O welch ein tiefes Sehnen! Services below require separate subscription.

Ich habe Mut und Kraft! The gate is shut again. Doch er soll erst wissen —”Let him die! You pay for luck to serve you well, It is a wonderful thing, the gold. Fidelio, hoping to discover Florestan, asks Rocco to let the poor prisoners roam in the garden and enjoy the beautiful weather.

The success of these performances was hindered by the fact that Vienna fdielio under French military occupation, and most of the audience were French military officers.

The latter is considered by many listeners as the greatest of the four overtures, but as an intensely dramatic, full-scale symphonic movement it had the effect of overwhelming the rather light initial scenes of the opera.


He is quite a bit more, a whole musician, and beyond that, a saint and a visionary. Synopses of Opera Index of Operas by Composer.

Fidelio. Opera in two acts, by L. van Beethoven. [Libretto by Joseph von Sonnleithner].

The soldiers shall ascend, and with lighted librettl hence accompany the Governor. This article is about Beethoven’s opera. Wer du auch seist, ich will dich retten, Bei Gott! The minister, Don Fernando, announces that tyranny has ended.

Rocco and Fidelio prepare to go to Florestan’s cell, with the knowledge that he must be killed and buried within the hour. He must no longer live, My ruin it would be. Opera librettl two acts originally three. Deceive me you could not!

The courageous and persistent wife will manage to save her husband from the death reserved for him by Pizzaro, his political enemy whose treachery will be exposed. The prisoners’ chorus, O welche Lust Oh what pleasurein the second scene of the later two- act version of the opera, is remarkably effective, while other vocal excerpts include the quartet for Rocco and his household, Mir ist so wunderbar It is so wonderful for meLeonora’s horrified recitative and aria Abscheulicher!

He wants that I should marry him. Leo [ umarmt ihm. Pizarro, whom you hoped to bring to fall, Pizarro, whom you ought to fear, As avenger he faces you.

He knows it all? Die Schlosswachen marschieren auf und bilden ein offenes Viereck. Summary Leonore has disguised herself as a man and presented herself as Fidelio, in order to be hired as a deputy gaoler in the prison where her husband Florestan is unjustly held at the orders of the cruel Don Pizzaro. Oh what deep desire!


The call of pity, the voice of mankind, Will nothing move your tiger’s wrath? Pizarro, just before, had received notice from a friend, that the Prime Minister was on his way to the prison. A new, modern-styled production that premiered in Budapest in Octoberfor example, features the “Leonore No.

Now, my children, you love each other truly;—do I not see it? Sie hat recht, Meister Rokko. A dark subterranean Dungeon. Just, oh Lord, your judgement is, You try us, you desert us not. Well, it will soon be all over with him. Give me a pick-axe and kibretto stay here. Marzelline similarly begs him, and Rocco agrees to distract Pizarro while the prisoners are set free. Wir kommen, ja wir kommen augenblicklich.

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His Majesty’s birthday fjdelio today, We celebrate it in this way. Die beiden ersten, die man durch die Oeffnungen bei dem Schein einer Laterne die Treppe herabsteigen sah, tragen einen Krug und die Werkzeuge zum Graben. Fidelio, you stay here, I shall go to give the governor the signal.

Aus Erbarmen, gebt mir nur einen Tropfen Wasser—das ist ja so wenig! You’ll die – and I shall live.