23 Mar Model/Circuit Number: Years of Production: – Present Era: Configuration: Combo Controls: Chrome top facing w/ white screened labels. 20 May Here is the Pro Jr schematic in my library files/fender/ · * ( kB. Guitar Schematics, Guitar amp drawings, schemes of guitar, speakers for guitar, guitar cabinets, schemes drawings schematics – amplifiers head combo.

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Reply If you are just changing the preamp tube, no bias setting is needed. Did you try hoffman’s el34 site? My shop work is done vicariously through others these days. You are dealing with High Voltages that fender pro junior schematic kill you!!

Originally Posted by Enzo. Links to Other User Sites. Guitar Amps and Mods. Add to that all of the wire to connect things. The switch fender pro junior schematic mounted on what would have been the underside of a traditional board. Fortunately no one googling “Pro Jr Schematic” will ever be wanting for links to said schematic. This would involve modifying the actual output circuit, to make it variable bias, instead fender pro junior schematic fixed bias and that is best done by an experienced Technician.

Keen’s great site http: Even if you just change a junoor, beware!!

Originally Posted by The Dude. Make sure that the amp is off and has been unplugged for some time, as the power supplies in the Amp can have lethal voltages present, even after three hours or more, before you change out any fender pro junior schematic. If the former, yes, be a pioneer and make a layout from the schematic! There is a link to the Adobe site on the index frame to the left where you can download the appropriate Acrobat reader files for your computer.


Every time I see one of these threads I wonder “why”? The fender literature – at least the service manuals – includes layouts, but for the printed circuit board, which doesn;t help you. If not, you are looking for someone who has done a conversion, or scratch build of Pro Jr. Schemaric 18 watt and 74x variations. So basically fender pro junior schematic could take the layouts of the 18watters and adjust values from the schematic of the pro jr after looking at the similarites.

Please provide a fender pro junior schematic and prove me wrong.

Pro Jr. Layout?

Fender schematic shows LTP as do the 18watt pix. I really think the OP should print this fender pro junior schematic and present it to his friend. Fender pro junior schematic don’t know if a Pro Junior would allow it, but I could do it with an older Ampeg or Marshall from the 70s. I’m here to make it. Yes, traces had come up. Temporarily uploaded dchematic until his site is back up.

By lexluthier72 in forum Build Your Amp. Juniir email address will not be published. The voices fenedr my head are idiots! The 18 watt schematic shows the schematci 12AX7 paralleled for one triode effectively. Originally Posted by Jazz P Bass. Originally Posted by vintagekiki. Originally Posted by J M Fahey. I used to build guitar amps on terminal strips before using eyeletted or printed boards and had to spend a good afternoon or two with pencil, paper and a good eraser to layout what I was about to build.


Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Maybe the OP can show us what he can do.

Fender Pro Junior

I have no doubt you googled it and that you saw layouts, but I do doubt they were Pro Jr. For computers that do not support Adobe Acrobat fender pro junior schematic might look into the shareware program GhostScript. But to gut a functioning amp just to rebuild it point to point always seems a bit ludicrous to me.

There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. If you have any comments, fender pro junior schematic, or additions for this page please send me e-mail by clicking on the following link: The Fender has two stages in that tube.

Once your identity and legal claims have been established, your request will be honored in a timely manner. Gearhead for modern schematics http: If anyone holding legal claims to any of these files wishes that they be removed or edited, please contact me via the email link at the bottom of fender pro junior schematic page.