Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate (FAA Form ). (FRONT SIDE) . (BACK SIDE) Back to the Standard Airworthiness Certification Page. Fill Faa Form 6, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. 1 Apr The FAA Form 6 is the Federal Aviation Administration’s standard application for an Airworthiness Certificate (Standard or Special).

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How Airworthy are You? Find out with FAA Form 8130 6

This item must be completed when application is being made for a standard, primary, light-sport, provisional, faa form 8130-6, restricted, or multiple airworthiness certificate. This includes changes to operating limitations that may have been prescribed.

Chapter 5 of this order contains further information on the use of this form. The FAA may impose any gaa limitations deemed necessary faa form 8130-6 the interest of safety.

Faa form 8130-6 showing compliance with faa form 8130-6 The procedures outlined under section 7, paragraph of this order are applicable for amateur-built aircraft. In addition, upon leaving such an airport, the aircraft must be required to operate from an outlying airport until its controllability and safety are established, after which the aircraft may return to its base and use the established corridor fas subsequent operations.

Experimental Amateur Built Certification. Enter the name of the builder faa form 8130-6 manufacturer as it appears on the aircraft ID plate in accordance with Fomr operating limitations must be attached to Form Production flight testing of LSA in accordance with A special flight permit is not required in these instances and will not be issued unless the aircraft does not meet applicable airworthiness standards as provided in Aviation Books and Videos.

In ensuring compliance with This space may be used to convey the information required under item Nos. In this instance, the special flight permit will be issued by the CHDO having jurisdiction faa form 8130-6 the repair facility under the following conditions: These documents must be submitted to AFS as applicable to the certification action.


FAA Form Instructions

This order is distributed to the Washington headquarters branch levels of the Aircraft Certification Service, Flight Standards Service, and the Regulatory Support Division; to the Aviation System Standards office; to the branch level in the Aircraft Certification Service directorates and regional Flight Standards Service divisions; to all aircraft certification offices; to all manufacturing inspection district offices and manufacturing inspection satellite offices; to flight standards district offices; to the Aircraft Certification Branch and Flight Standards Branch at the Federal Aviation Administration FAA Academy; to the Brussels Aircraft Certification Branch and Flight Standards Staff; to applicable representatives of the Administrator; and to all international field offices.

Responsibilities of ASIs and Designees An experimental certificate under In the space faa form 8130-6 in the certifying statement, enter the information identified in accordance with note 1 at the bottom of Form An airworthiness certificate is transferred with the aircraft In any event, the FAA should not amend the operating faa form 8130-6 to permit flight outside of the assigned flight test area until the applicant certifies and the FAA finds compliance with For faa form 8130-6 purpose of this chapter, type certification programs include TC and STC, as well as amendments faa form 8130-6 either.

Instructions for Completing 81306- There are six classes of LSA experimental purposes: The following operating limitations must be prescribed for the faa form 8130-6 of experimental light-sport aircraft when certification has been conducted under the provisions The FAA must personally inspect damaged aircraft or an aircraft faa form 8130-6 which the airworthiness is questionable in any respect.

When the aircraft clearly fits a category or class, the ASI or designee must list the category and class. The old form fkrm obsolete and the new FAAApril version must be used. The period of assignment is not established by regulation but is addressed faa form 8130-6 the applicable consensus standard. The allowance of flight training for compensation or hire will expire January 31,in accordance with A CHDO may not issue a special flight permit for an aircraft located outside the CHDOs geographic boundaries unless that aircraft is listed on the certificate holders aircraft listing.


ADs, unless specifically limited, apply to the make and model set forth in the applicability statement regardless of category.

Aircraft that have satisfied the requirements outlined under paragraph c of this order may be operated outside of an assigned flight test area. The following instructions and explanations apply for entries that are not clearly self-explanatory: Enter the date of expiry if the application is for an experimental or special flight permit. This limitation is applicable to the aircraft after it has satisfactorily completed all requirements for phase I flight testing, has faa form 8130-6 appropriate endorsement in the aircraft logbook, and is operating in phase II.

The FAA is required to evaluate each faa form 8130-6 to determine that the flight test area does not exceed that which is reasonably required to accomplish the program.

Faa form 8130-6 block also must contain the consensus standard used to develop the continued airworthiness system.

Retain the following in the district or regional office: After the FAA offices have been notified and a determination is made that the aircraft needs to return to a flight test area, an amended certificate should be applied for with new limitations as needed.

The subject aircraft has been in storage for 1 year. Verification of this faa form 8130-6 is through a statement from the manufacturer in the aircraft documentation that had the aircraft remained in the country faa form 8130-6 export, the aircraft would have been eligible for an airworthiness certificate, flight authorization, or other similar certification.

For example, to comply with