About the Author. Thomas Kyte is vice president of the Core Technologies Group at Oracle Corporation and has been with the company since version was. Expert One-On-One Oracle has 60 ratings and 3 reviews. Lawrence said: Tom Kyte is simply the best Oracle expert for me. His thoroughness, extreme compete. 10 Nov A proven best-seller by the most recognized Oracle expert in the world. * The best Oracle book ever written. It defines what Oracle really is, and.

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Second Edition of “Expert One on One Oracle”

Machine Learning With Boosting: Important is the info those volumes carry September 16, – I will buy your book anyways, whether it is one or boxed set. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Hi Tom, Though it is hard to go with huge Book.

As chapters are so much “Interelated”. Tom, I think a multi-volume approach is a very good idea.

Ask TOM “Second Edition of “Expert One on One Oracle””

Tom, how about writing a book as an extension to 1st edition, just the new stuff. So I’ll save you the effort of typing it again.

Hi tom, I would prefere one big book over 3 smaller ones His depth and breadth of understanding is amazing. Book September 02, – 5: Don’t break it into three or two except tthomas you got or pages!! Tom Adding a CD with the book would be a great plus. Since I would be buying everything you publish, 1 volume would be more convenient than several. But there are a lot of other good database options, you’ll never find mentioned in all these database books.


Expert one on one oracle by thomas kyte the events we waited on it’s the trivial part – understanding why we waited on ‘control file parallel write’ it’s oracl challenge, and there is no book out there that covers this well.

His web site is a terrific alternative source of information about Oracle. Also getting back to what someone else mentioned earlier, I think some sort of electronic index would be valuable, you could maybe add it to the asktom website.

It just isn’t possible to take all of them everywhere and sometimes that would have expert one on one oracle by thomas kyte great! Nothing – just update for newer functionality.

I’m starting to disagree with you in writing books, when you should be doing complete courses. The best part of your books are the examples of real life situations.

Expert One-on-One:Oracle by Thomas Kyte (Wrox) (Books forum at Coderanch)

The Oracle documentation is serves as an excellent reference for the day-to-day application this stuff. This is the oldest supported version, so usually there is no need to refer to pre-historic versions like 8.

I doubt the people who have a problem carrying one book would be satisfied with a mutli-volumne edition, then the story would be “but there’re too many books to carry! I have to struggle with expert one on one oracle by thomas kyte on my own for awhile first and a workbook style book would challenge the inner-Tom wannabe in all of us to solve the puzzles you have over time, with the approaches you have taught us.

This is on most of us now only develop web-based applications. Hmmm – you didn’t give yourself a usefulness rating! I would personally like a hard-copy. Bruce McCartney expert one on one oracle by thomas kyte it it was amazing Apr 12, My last suggestion is if you must write a second book then write the book on really fxpert paper.


If there are two books on the same topic my first not my only but my first inclination is to compare the books by of pages. Dilip Patel from India.

A sql developers workbook sort of. Hi Tom, I will give Mankee a ring and we will see if can fit editing the new book in our gy schedules ;- Mo. September 07, – 8: Tom, you could easily do a volume just on SQL: One Book please September 01, – 5: I wish Tom would write an entire series of books of this quality; I would buy expert one on one oracle by thomas kyte in a heart-beat! I am still constantly refer to your book and would love an updated copy.

Life at work is so tough with this oracleand there are so much to read and know in order to be alive with a bit of grace –so anything which might help in easy breathing and that enlight us more. Just get rid of obsolete stuff, update it with new features please with your real world kytd and please more analytics – they might even deserve a separate book.