Every Little Thing in the World. Nina de Gramont, Author. S&S/Atheneum $ (p) ISBN I wish I could say that about Nina de Gramont’s book, Every Little Thing in the World, but I can’t. This book, about a teenage girl dealing with her. Every Little Thing in the World. Deborah Stevenson. de Gramont, Nina. Every Little Thing in the World. Atheneum, [p]. ISBN $

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Every Little Thing in the World is an emotional, enlightening, and fast paced tale of one girl’s choice between what’s right and wrong when it comes to her preg I know this may sound strange, but I love reading books that contain teen pregnancy.

I may have physically punched it after reading the ending. We were the newest creatures on Earth, with nothing to do but move forward into the world, starting fresh. She should be told that you can fit beers and boys into a canoe, and still have room for the rest of your campin This is not a book about the outdoors.

More books from this author: I did like the secondary characters, though, because I enjoyed how Nina had them each come from a different and diverse background that made them stand out in their own unique way. So I had to listen to the whole book to find out. Jun 29, Emily rated it did not like it. The narrator exuded a realness that added to her likeability, I appreciated how at times she had more flaws than strengths.

Sydney’s complex relationships with her single mother and idealistic but distant father are authentic and poignant. Why, dodge making a decision by going on a summer wilderness expedition, of course!

The campers hook up in full view of the counselors. If you are sending your daughter to camp and want to get her pumped for it, this is NOT the book for you.

Every Little Thing in the World

They wash dishes in the lake. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The whole book is about Syd trying to decide what to do with her baby.

OK – so now you all know I am an old woman and a prude! I thoroughly enjoyed and was engaged in the story of year old Sydney, and her life negotiating her friendship with her best friend Natalia, her well-meaning dad, her tired mom, her relationships with the boys in her life including the one who got her pregnant, and what she did when she found out about the pregnancy.


Jun 28, Briony rated it really liked it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem? I shouldn’t have had it – that gut feeling. The kids go cliff diving without PFDs. She knows she will not marry the baby’s father because that is unrealistic and it will not work out. But after the car is reported stolen and police bring the girls home, their parents send them away to wilderness camp as punishment.

Every Little Thing in the World « Nina de Gramont

By the end of the book, I started to like her. Sydney, 16, gets pregnant and is sent away for the summer on a canoeing trip. Over the course o Originally, I wasn’t too interested in this book. View all 3 comments. Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

The story was good but felt like Oposing sides of the issue were never really adressed. Nina de Gramont has a wonderful grasp of the English language and stylistically parts of the book are very beaut “Every Little Thing In The World” was very difficult to read. She is able to learn more about herself and her best friend, Natalia, with the time they are in Canada. In the end, what will Sydney choose to do? I also don’t agree with the ultimate choice she made, but I can’t deny that ths is a compelling read, and worth the time I spent on it.

Books of the Week.

Thank you, Nina de Gramont. DO NOT read this book if you want to read fiction about the outdoors, or if you want to read books about evfry women, or women behaving sensibly in the wilderness. It was all about her. But that is the point of reading: They leave their food out as though bears and raccoons aren’t of this world. Sometimes being perceived as an image for so long makes us believe we have to be that person as well, shown by the character Mick.


Sydney seemed so self-centered, and I wanted to throw the book at the wall half the time.

In all, Every Little Thing in the World is a definite must read even with the few flaws it does have! There isnt really a point to it except some girl gets caught at a keg party with her best friend who is from sweden i think and then she finds out shes pregnant and her parents are divorced and her dad is a hippy that has the same ideas as sr amina with fast food and stuff so the main girl moves with her weird hippy dad then he sends her away so she tells her best friend that shes being sent away to canada for a kanoo trip then her best friend convinces her parents to instead of sending her to sweden to send her to the kanoo outdoor camp for a month but before her best friend leaves she finds out her parents are really her grandparents and her sister is really her mother.

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books.

The baby is newer than her, who has no everry over its self; it should have a chance to start a new. In her first novel for teens, de Gramont ably tne Sydney’s nona journey from a passive girl to a young woman ready to make the biggest decision of her life.

I love the cover though but it doesn’t portray the theme of the book, nor does the summary, for that matter. I didn’t like the book because it was so focused on these problems and the plot seemed more like a background for Sydney’s consideration of her pregnancy and relationships. They presumably portage with a full cooler. Perhaps the biggest strength in the story is the development of Sydney as a character. And, to be honest, this one single factor easily could’ve been the thing that made me love this book.

You are in danger.