phosphate EndoSequence bioceramic sealer and root repair material (Brasseler USA) (Figure 1) were introduced to endodontics, there was much excitement. Introducing a revolutionary premixed and injectable root canal sealer utilizing new bioceramic nanotechnology! EndoSequence BC Sealer’s nano particle size . EndoSequence BC Sealer and Root Repair Material Replacement BC Tips.

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Introduction The success of nonsurgical endodontic therapy depends on the removal of necrotic and inflamed tissue, microorganisms, and debris from the root canal system and the prevention of recontamination.

J Contemp Dent Pract. The Korean Academy of Conservative Endosequencd. Results Residual root canal filling material The percentages of residual filling material was calculated based on an equation stated in a previous study. A prospective study of the factors affecting outcomes of nonsurgical root canal treatment: The same volumes of sealer were used for both groups of teeth.

Raw scan endosequdnce were reconstructed into multiplanar slice data using the computer program, NRecon V1.

Retreatability of root canals obturated using gutta-percha with bioceramic, MTA and resin-based sealers. For WLs there were no significant differences between the groups.

A comparison of the effectiveness of chloroform and eucalyptus oil in dissolving root canal sealers. Evaluation of physicochemical properties of four root canal sealers. Black, root surface; white and orange, obturation material.


Fifty-six extracted human maxillary incisors were instrumented and randomly divided into 4 groups of 14 teeth: This is an important factor to consider especially during retreatments as this could affect periapical healing. For subdivision of the root canal into thirds apical, middle, and coronal endosequnece, the rendered datasets were virtually cut in the horizontal plane such that each third consisted of the exact number of rendered slices.

Setting properties and cytotoxicity evaluation of a premixed bioceramic root canal sealer. The left-most images are representative 3D renderings of the filled canals, while the adjacent images are the same bx following retreatment.

Prognosis of initial endodontic therapy. Visualization of residual sealer after retreatment. Re-establishing working length and patency Establishing patency and WL in retreatment cases has been shown to significantly improve periapical healing sealrr.

Find articles by Matthew R. The efficacy of ProTaper Universal rotary retreatment instrumentation to remove single gutta-percha cones cemented with several endodontic sealers. Files were used to instrument 5 canals and then replaced. No sealdr conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported.

EndoSequence BC Sealer Bioceramic Root Canal Sealing Material Cement Brasseler

Endodontic retreatment-case selection and technique. Table 1 Ability to regain patency and re-establish working length during retreatment for the different groups. Teeth that had an initial apical file size of more than a size 25 were discarded.


The volume of sealer remaining in each third was then determined using the getvolume function of Drishti as described above. BC Sealer is a premixed bioceramic endodontic sealer that is composed of zirconium oxide, calcium silicates, calcium phosphate monobasiccalcium hydroxide, filler, and thickening agents.

Find articles by Avina Paranjpe.

EndoSequence BC Sealer Bioceramic Root Canal Sealing Material Cement Brasseler | eBay

Gutta-percha solvents-a comparative study. The efficacy of removing the root filling materials during retreatment has been assessed by many different methods. In this study, we had similar results.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. These methodologies include seqler or vertical splitting of the examined teeth or clearing to render the teeth transparent.

Endoequence results were verified and related closely with the longitudinal sections of the teeth Figure 1. All canals were obturated by the continuous wave compaction technique. Please review our privacy policy. Inthe U.