La propagación de plantas, a través de la embriogénesis somática, representa el método más eficiente de multiplicación clonal de plantas que se ha. Organogénesis adventicia y embriogénesis somática en especies frutales a partir de tejidos foliares []. Elleuch, W. Centre International de Hautes Études. The olive is a difficult species to manipulate in vitro; however, it is possible to regenerate plants through somatic embryogenesis. During this process, embryo.

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Embriogénesis Somática by Eded Giler Mendoza on Prezi

Embryogenic cell lines initiated from radicle segments of mature zygotic embryos of cultivar “Picual” embroigenesis used. Vegetative propagation of Quercus suber L. Access the full text: Plant Cell Rep Higher production of total somatic embryos was observed with low concentrations of phytagel; nevertheless, embryo germination improved by increasing the concentration of this gelling agent. Characterisation of the cacao somatic embryogenesis receptor-like kinase SERK gene expressed during somatic embryogenesis.

Acta Horticulturae Components of the maturation medium affected the production of somatic embryos and their subsequent germination capacity. Estos fueron procesados siguiendo el protocolo de Maximova et al. Embriogeneesis somatic embryogenesis and morphohistological analysis in Capsicum chinense. The embryos went through four phases; Induction, Formation, Maduration and Mantenimiento which corresponded each one with different media culture.


Cryopreservation of cocoa Theobroma cacao L. Tissue culture studies on cocoa Theobroma cacao L.

Por otro lado, Von Arnold et al. Se realizaron 3 repeticiones por tipo de explante para un total de explantes. Plantation Research and Development, pp: The histological analysis showed the typical characteristics of the embryogenic development.

Revista Colombiana de Biotecnología

Somatic embryogenesis from immature peach palm inflorescence explants: Physiol Plant, 15 3: Esto es coherente con los resultados obtenidos por Traore et al.

Initiation and Development of asexual Embryos of Theobroma cacao L. In this work, the effects of maturation, medium components and culture conditions for the development of olive somatic embryos and their subsequent germination capacity, were studied. Regeneration of somatic embryos and roots from Quinche leaves embrioyenesis on media with different macroelements composition.

Los embriones pasaron por fases que se correspondieron con medios de cultivo diferenciales: The role of activated charcoal in plant tissue culture. Zygotic embryogenesis and somatic embryogenesis from floral explants.

The effectiveness of somatic embryogenesis in eliminating the cocoa swollen shoot virus from infected cocoa trees. Un total de 67 plantas fueron usadas para este experimento. Finally, the way of culture subculture of structures smaller than 2 mm or reculture of all the material did not have drastic effects on the process of maturation, although more embryos germinated when the smallest structures were subcultured; nevertheless, these small embriognesis gave rise to shorter shoots.


INCI30 Biotechnology Advances Lookup embriogenezis document at: Las condiciones de cultivo se mantuvieron constantes.

Somatic embryogenesis in black locust. La industria de Chocolates en Colombia. Field performance of Theobroma cacao L. Ministerio de Agricultura, Programa para el Desarrollo de la Amazonia. Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of cacao. Cacao tissue culture protocol.

Organogénesis adventicia y embriogénesis somática en especies frutales a partir de tejidos foliares

A revised medium for rapid growth and bioassays with tobacco tissue cultures. Sin embargo solo los embriones del clon BIOB alcanzaron la etapa cotiledonar. Advances in cocoa Theobroma cacao propagation by somatic embryogenesis.

Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture Tissue culture emmbriogenesis with Theobroma cacao. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Somatic embryogenesis somativa plant regeneration of tropical maize genotypes. Por otro lado, Guiltinan et al. Los protocolos fueron el desarrollado por Guiltinan et al. Effect of activated charcoal on Brassica oleracea microspore culture embryogenesis. En este ensayo se evaluaron como explantes dos estados de desarrollo de los embriones primarios, embriones tipo globular y embriones tipo cotiledonar.