This Pin was discovered by David Mazuera. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Extract from Lecture #, from pages of El Quinto Evangelio () by Samael Aun Weor “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE VERB” Do your practice. -Samael Aun Weor [excerpt from transcript No. , “Samael no busca dinero ni gloria”, in El Quinto Evangelio pp. ] Lo único que sí me interesa es.

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The sexual force can help us greatly in our liberation and it accompanies ewor initiate on his or her path. Obviously, meditation itself is the bread of every genuine devotee of the Path, but we need to know how to el quinto evangelio samael aun weor. It is like another very special organ itself, that interfaces with the outer world and the inner world, an intermediary.

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Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, taking advantage of our stay here in Mexico, we are going to continue with our questions in order to make things clear for our Brazilian el quinto evangelio samael aun weor. However, it is not possible to destroy such aggregates unless it is by means of the sexual electricity. By the first item, the generator, which everybody has, I am referring to the sexual organs and to the powerful sexual electrical energy.

She is the unfoldment of Shiva, who is the Third Logos. Click one of the categories below to display the article page for that category Article 1: So each mantra is a building block of creation or has a function in creation.

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Master, but what is the Divine Mother in oneself? Pacts to do with blood are said to be irreversible. Mantras are spiritual formulas that produce specific kinds of results.


The exhalation becomes increasingly deep. Pacts are scary let alone mixing them with blood. Meaning one will stay brothers with the other for whole of life and beyond even. Therefore, one needs to el quinto evangelio samael aun weor the Void. The consciousness will be asleep as long as it remains jammed, bottled, trapped, among those subjective psychic aggregates that make up the myself, the oneself.

In practical life, while relating to other people, el quinto evangelio samael aun weor work, in the street, in the factory, etc, etc, etc, the defects that we carry hidden within come to the surface, and if we are in a state of alert, then we are able to see ourselves as we are. It is clear that our brother J. And these particles are alive: We are children of hers.

In others works the result of the having worked over our own abyss completely gives us the reign over the sexual force and the duality. Rather, it is the Being who can manufacture us.

Therefore, we would never be able to manufacture the Divine; rather, it is the Divine that manufactures us. Centripetal is the force that moves inwards.

The tradition of this Brotherhood says that if two or more people mix el quinto evangelio samael aun weor blood in a cup and then drink of it, due to the blood they will remain united forever. This really is how the bread and wine, through the work of Transubstantiation, become the flesh and blood of Christ. At any rate, we need to start with the asana and sit in evanhelio comfortable position. We need blood it nourishes us and the body also deposits into it, certain waste products, so it nourishes and cleans el quinto evangelio samael aun weor the efangelio time, which are complimentary processes.


So that is how Hades, myth says, became the lord of the underworld. The things that form first are closer to the earth and are matter and the things that form last are the things that are closer to the spirt in us. In such delicious moments, we are experiencing what really is: The sexual force is an ally, just as a pet dog is in this physical world.

Drowsiness combined with meditation becomes Shamadi, ecstasy.

Every pact is signed in blood. A cat can not be trained like a dog can and is eangelio so loyal, neither are many of the other animals. Who would be able to manufacture the Being?

Sanskrit Mantra

That is not enough; those psychological defects need to be disintegrated, reduced to cinders, turned to cosmic dust. To see one’s own self-creations, i. In this way the pact was signed.

So, we need to live being self-conscious, i. Well, my dear brethren, now we are going to continue, talking about the director for Brazil. It is a marvelous force, which wisely used can give us wonderful results.

Meditation should be combined with sleepiness. To have us manufacturing quinot Being would be something impossible! The whole of society is divided into circles.

The Christic atoms of the Solar Logos descend via this channel, and then accumulate in the bread and in the wine.