EHEIM classic – the millionfold tried and tested external filter range from the small compact filter (from 50 l.) right up to XL-large size filter (up to l.). EHEIM classic – the millionfold tried and tested external filter range from the With EHEIM classic you have everything that makes up a good external filter. Learn how to set-up and maintain the Eheim Classic Canister filter. The Classic Canister (,, , , , ) Okay, you’ve opened the box.

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First class components and carefully matched features ensure perfect pump and filter performance. It’s filter volume is 3 liters. Now, follow the instructions on starting the siphon. Grab the instruction sheet it looks kind of eheim 2215 manual a folded roadmap and check the parts list to make sure kanual everything is there.

Eheim Classic Canister instructions

This means that the impeller rotates at rpm. Why is the circulation performance of my external filter reducing?

Clean the whole hose installation regularly. If you do like math, keep reading. Please select ejeim location. Depending on the model, fine filter pads and filter wool must be changed with each filter cleaning.

I think the Eheim manual recommends reconnecting all the valves first and then. I eheim 2215 manual this short video in case anybody wants to know how it works, and how it is. Are you doing regular partial water changes. eheim 2215 manual


EHEIM classic 2215 Manual

There are a couple of tips I can share with you that eheim manual not included in the instructions. Parts Diagram 50 Hz 60 Hz After the installation of the impeller eheim 2215 manual the pump and after starting the pump, you should only hear the normal engine-noise.

Check the hose set-up for possible kinks or restrictions. The heat is generated by the rotation of the impeller. Voordat U met Uw handen in het aquariumwater komt moeten alle stek- kers van de zich in het water bevindende electrische apparaten uit het stopcontact gehaald eheim 2215 manual.

This manuall that the impeller rotates at rpm. Hoppure aspi Service Contact Retailer search. You only change out part of it so that the old media will seed the new media with bacteria without subjecting the fish eheim 2215 manual another eheim 2215 manual.

EHEIM classic — the millionfold tried and tested external filter range from the small compact filter from 50 l. This manual also for: Even, for example, fluctuations in the voltage will not affect the revolutions.

There are no fast rules for this, because there are too many factors which influence the cleaning intervals, such as size of aquarium, fish stocking, type of plants as well as type and quantity of food. Notice that you’ve only replaced EhfiSubstrat and EhfiSynth. We therefore recommend that you only clean the filter when the ejeim output eheim 2215 manual decreases.

There are a couple of tips I can share with you that are not included eheim 2215 manual the instructions. So, tear a chunk off and save it – the rest goes in the filter.


At least this help sheet assumes majual you did or will. Eheim 2215 manual the constant pump output, the circulation performance of the filter declines, as it becomes more contaminated. If it doesn’t, then you need to have a look at your other maintenance practices.

Eheim classic Manuals

eheim 2215 manual Clean the inside of the inlet, the outlet as well as the inlet tube, spray bar and the hose connectors on the filter adapter, shut-off taps several times in a push-pull motion using an EHEIM Universal Cleaning Brush No. By now it’s time to change out about one-half to two-thirds of the EhfiSubstrat biological eheim 2215 manual media. We must differentiate between pump output and circulation performance.

There are 5 models for aquariums from 50 up to litres —with various equipment. Then, compare that with what it would cost to run other types of filters.

Eheim Classic Canister

Due to the eheim 2215 manual revolutions, the pump system always gives the same performance. A spaghetti strainer or colander works nicely. If the pump has to work against pressure, it is wheim that the wing part begins to clatter. Just rinse eheim manual to get the dust off.