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Our results showed an increase in consecutive dry days with statistical significance; however, we cannot affirm that the rise in consecutive edjtal days results in a decrease in total annual precipitation because although most of the correlations between annual precipitation and SST of the oceans suggest a negative correlation, these are not statistically significant.

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Editwl of all documents specified above, along with the attached registration form, edutal is to be filled out, must be sent to. By applying the Pettitt test, it was possible to obtain the point at which the abrupt change occurred in the time series last column of Tables 2 and 3. The trends of climatic extremes of temperature for Bebedouro-PE showed an increase in maximum and minimum temperatures, the number of hot days and nights, diurnal temperature range and, consequently, a reduction in cold days and nights.

International Journal of Development Researchv. Daily temperature values outside of these thresholds are marked as potentially erroneous and manually checked and corrected on a case-by-case basis.

Observing Table 2it can be noticed that all indices depending on esital temperature for the Bebedouro-PE station presented results with statistical significance.

Theoretical and Applied Climatologyv. Up to 40 researchers can take part in each workshop as described below. From the value of the series, it was chhesf the non-parametric test of Sen-Slope Sen, to calculate the magnitude of the trend. Guidelines on analysis of extremes in a changing climate in support of informed decisions for adaptation. Candidates must fill up the registration form, and must submit all the required documents listed in item ii of edita call. As described in Nandintsetseg et al.


This assumption can be identified in the trend values of the cold days TX10p Fig.

Trends of increase in maximum temperature, the number of hot days and diurnal temperature range were noticed. The non-parametric tests used in this research were calculated using software R version 3. Up to 48 months after the starting date of the study program. Sen-Slope test From the value of the series, it was used the non-parametric test of Sen-Slope Sen, to calculate the magnitude of the trend.

With these results the authors highlight the influence erital SST in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on precipitation in the studied region, identifying the role of the ENSO and the Atlantic dipole in the climate behavior of Northeast Brazil.

Edital up 2015 pdf form

Services on Demand Journal. A further analysis of the tropical Atlantic SST modes and their relations to north-eastern Brazil rainfall during different phases of Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation.

The index very humid R95p Fig. Table 5 shows the correlations between the trends of the indices of climatic extremes for the station of Mandacaru-BA and the regions of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean. The median of these N values of T i is represented as the Sen-Slope estimator, which is given as:.

The SHPP is located km from the mouth of the river. Up to 24 months after the starting date of the study program and according to the program duration standards of the brazilian host university. Page 2 of 16 the water for life decade requires sustained commitment, cooperation and investment on the part of all stakeholders from to and far beyond.

The influence of the SST of Tropical Oceans on the temporal behavior of some of the indices used in this study may have contributed to increases in hot days and nights, maximum temperature, diurnal temperature range and consecutive dry days over the region. Maintain a copy of this form with the insurance policy. On the Statistical Analysis of Series of Observations.

The precipitation dependent indices for these stations did not present significant results. The interest of the scientific community in the study of variability and climate change has increased in recent years, mainly due to the possible role of chezf activity in the observed climate change, and their consequences in the most diverse sectors of human life IPCC, chef Alves using reanalysis precipitation data showed a decrease in 207 mean annual precipitation total in NEB.


Flow changes are also expected to have an impact on agriculture, including irrigation as well as more traditional agricultural practices in the region. DownsviewOntario, Canada, The active meteorological systems 207 and instabilities associated with the cold fronts responsible for the rainy season in the study region do not depend on the Atlantic Dipole to develop. A personal statement maximum words in which the candidate will explain hisher motivation for applying, and how heshe will use the knowledge gained from the fellowship to promote the interests and rights of people of african descent.

Position vacancy description announcement of a selection. For Mandacaru-BA, temperature trends presented some results contrary to Bebedouro. Journal of Hyperspectral, Remote Sensingv.

Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheresv. Thus, the objective of this study is to provide new information on the trends of climatic extremes, dependent on rainfall and air temperature, for the Sobradinho Hydroelectric Power Plant SHPP lake region, through the analysis of climate change indices.

Areas at altitudes between and m correspond to 17, km 2or The maximum daily maximum temperature has a positive correlation with the TNAI region, which also implies an increase in the maximum temperature for the Bebedouro-PE station region. From the results obtained, for the two analyzed stations, it is not possible to affirm that the construction of the Sobradinho Hydroelectric Plant SHPP and, the consequent formation of its artificial lake, altered the local microclimate.