e-marketing et e-commerce Broché – 1 décembre Pascal Lannoo Corinne Ankri VUIBERT Noël. Pascal Lannoo et Corinne Ankri sont consultants en e-commerce, e- merchandising et e-marketing, thématiques pour lesquelles ils interviennent en France et à. E-marketing et e-commerce (Book): Lannoo, Pascal. Lannoo, Pascal. Book – | French | 3e éd. ill. ; 24 cm. Additional Contributors: Ankri, Corinne.

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Using the Internet media, this type of marketing was feasible thanks to the emergence of new technologies and the increasing rate of Internet penetration in the world that has allowed the reach of a larger number of clients so quickly. Touch the garment that you want to try. Thus, after finding out several dating sites like Meetic, GYC and Skyrock the finding was that they do not contain commercial advertising. Print screen page of Gay Youth Chat. In fact, by taking again the example of the e-mailing and after a survey cf: In fact, to be seen by the clients it is good for a brand to increase its visibility by invading the Web but it is better corinen buy advertising space in strategic site currently unoccupied by brands to stand out from competition and attract easily new clients.

In a first step, their allowed me to have quickly access to useful and reliable information. Mailing, pop-up banners, social networking sites and blogs are one of the good examples for e-marketing.

Besides using the videos, putting up pictures of famous celebrities will also increase the desire of targeted customers because it: In fact, this will increase the number of sales of the brand thanks to the users who will want to renew their wardrobe for a night out to please to lannnoo person they meet on the internet. Thus, for e-comerce those reasons mentioned above, firms in the ready to wear industry understood that uses E-marketing vastly can attract more customers.

The emergence of Internet in our society has transformed the marketing world vastly. Indeed, it has conquered the market through lannlo of mouth but mostly through social networks and online shopping.

Search results

So I think this method will solve many problems because some brands are currently unable to sell their clothes because clothes created do not please to the consumers.

Thus, a brand can have global reach and all thanks to its presence on the internet such as e-shop and social networks, which allows firms to e-marketnig new market without having to survey places in a particular country.

Indeed, everything is now accessible in one click and is e-maroeting friendly as e-marketing uses less or no paper. Through this powerful marketing tool, brands can also share their new collection through photo albums to incite the users to acquire styles by visiting the link of their online store if there is one or simply by going directly to the nearest outlet.

This forum will include different headings which will aim to satisfy customers but also create a buzz on the internet by offering clothes design from the view of consumers. To access of this information I went to the library of the university.


E-marketing et e-commerce

To proceed further, this step is necessary where I research on relevant information in order to elaborate a good plan with good ideas to introduce inside. E-maroeting question is clear and easily understandable but however, for some people who know nothing of this field, the first section of the report defines the main.

Benefits of the E-marketing for the ready to wear industry: Thus, if customer will permit to attract other customers for the brand because a client satisfied has tend to talk around him which will make a good advertisement for the brand and make more chance to increase the number of news clients. This, these media explained the communication tools knowing a great success today such as; social networks Facebook and Twittersharing platforms Youtube and Dailymotione-mailing, marketing via smartphones and types of advertisements circulating on the internet.

To finish, this project was a beneficial work for me because it assures the idea that I have to continue my studies in marketing in order for the future to elaborate the marketing strategy of the company to attract the maximum customer as possible thanks to the marketing and the support of communication.

Table of World internet usage and population statistics in December31, Better use of the current E-marketing: These brands are globally known hence the standardization and internationalization of communication is vital.

In addition, the ready to wear industry is a universe in which trends evolved according to season and fashion. Analyses of all information gathered previously were allowed to develop a plan logically structured with important points of analysis of E-marketing illustrated from examples towards the ready to wear industry.

This famous blogger has promoted Uniqlo and Target but also some giant of the fashion like Dior and Marc Jacobs. It is also found that many brands including high-end brands uses internet to communicate and get in touch with customers easily and make the, feel closer with their target market and potential customers.

Presentation of the E-marketing: Although it is effective, E-marketing do not reach out all customers because everybody does not have access to the internet. The first strategy that brands uses is by sending out commercial emails to users. However, brand strategy is not only creating a Facebook page but made it live to attract the attention of more customers as possible.

Indeed, in the latter days after its appearance, it has become a very attractive media for brands thanks to the massive entry of Internet in homes and time of use, which is increasingly important. To encourage customers to consume and to be attracted with new prospects, companies should not overlook this new means of communication. Disadvantages and alternatives of the E-marketing: However, the manufacture of ration clothing is more expensive than a mass production to the company that is why the price will be more expensive compared to the normal pricing and just a selected line will be produced for this ration clothing.


However, after some other research questions and before choosing the right one, I made some background research from books from the library, websites and my knowledge in order to know if the information found from these media were relevant enough and consistent.

I think it may be a beneficial model for the ready to wear industry because it will solve the problems of internet users who are not certain about. Therefore by appearing first in the list of the search engine, it will allow to brands will attract easily users who will be able to see and access the webpage of the clothing brands in the first page quickly.

Therefore, in order to attract customers, there are several points to be discussed throughout this report which are brands apparel and ways to how the cutting edge of E-marketing help increase the customer based of the ready to wear industry.

Thus, a company seeking sustainability and growth cannot afford to give up the presence of web. Before E-marketing was introduced, companies would reach out to their clients through traditional marketing means such as advertising with television, radio and press but towards the latter era, companies will leave space for Emarketing.

The first source used was my marketing notes of my subsequent years of study. However, today this industry is competitive, the new model is a vital part of this report because it offers new ideas for this industry that will continue to attract customers by being innovative and creative to stand out from competitors and attract more attention for internet users. Thus, the ready to wear industry now attracts customers at all the websites where users are present. Thus, this two e-marketing strategies will attract more customers and increase its sales.

: Pascal Lannoo: Books

Thus, the following discusses the methods used in regards of the overall project. By taking this principle, it may be beneficial for every brands of the e-markfting to wear industry to implement their virtual site of restyling intended for users.

Thus, it will give positive impressions because the brand will use a computer technician to get this model up and another person who will be in charge of interacting with customers and collecting all the information needed to create the new clothing collection. The Internet pannoo great opportunity to this market to attract customers around the world.

Calaméo – Sonia Ziane

In addition, if customers are satisfied it should attract others customers because usually customers who are satisfied would talk around them what would give the desire to other users to become customers and participate in more activities towards the brand.

In order to full advantage of this opportunity, brands do not work with any type of blogger. Are you talking about our brand around you?