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All praise be to Allah, Whose commandments operate in Creation; His glory is evident through love and kindness. And please overlook my slips; Dua iftitah the Oft-Forgiving.

Praise be to Allah, Who gives answer to me whenever I call Him; covers up my shortcomings yet I disobey Him; gives me the largest part of dua iftitah bounties yet I want more. Fititah be to Allah for His amnesty ensuing from His omnipotence.

Those Imams are Your decisive arguments over Your servants. All praise be to Allah Who creates but He is not created. Dua iftitah He is Mighty, Abundantly Giver. All praise be to Allah Whose dua iftitah cannot be penetrated.

Verily He is mighty, generous. And Dua iftitah door is not blocked. And please reply my prayer; O the All-merciful.

Those Imams are Your decisive arguments over Your servants. He is able to do whatever Dua iftitah wills. Who is the Owner of glory, might, favours, and bounties.

O Allah send blessings on ‘Ali dua iftitah Leader of the Faithful, the successor to the Messenger of the Lord of the worlds, Thy servant, Thy beloved representative, dua iftitah of Thy Messenger, Thy decisive argument over mankind, Thy most important sign, the great news from Thee.


And please do send blessings on the truthful, pure Lady.

Dua Iftitah Ramadhan month nights

And You are the greatest Omnipotent in the domain of absolute power and might. His distinct overflowing dua iftitah is freely available through His unlimited bestowals which do not exhaust His resources, and He does not swell the numerous benefits except because of generosity and kindness. I know no generous master who dua iftitah more accommodating to dua iftitah servants that Thou art to me. And He is able to do all things. Through Thy mercy, O most Merciful. And, in the same time, He is so near that He is fully aware of even the whispering secrets.

Dua Iftitah / The Supplication of The Opening

And You have dispelled so many of my dua iftitah. And He gives me the largest part dua iftitah the bounties, yet I do not show his gratitude. In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. O Most Favorable of all those whom may be besought.

Please do send blessings to the truthful and pure Lady. And You may distinguish me with favorable reply to my requests. A temporary setback, and I, out of ignorance, begin to despair, although perhaps slowing down may be a blessing dua iftitah disguise.


Verily, You guide whosoever You will to the Right Path. So I persist in calling out, believing in Thee, and I invoke Thee, talking familiarly, not afraid, nor shy, but assured of Dua iftitah love and kindness whenever I turn to Thee. So send dua iftitah on Muhammad and on his family, and help us to overcome this state of affairs at once.

Dus He gives subsistence but He needs no provisions. O Lord, Thou giveth an invitation but I turn it down.

I am certain that Dua iftitah are the most Merciful of all those who show mercy. A temporary setback and I, out of ignorance, begin to despair. The Dua can be divided into two parts: Give him the necessary assistance, and through him support the people, and make him prevail over allya final decisive victory, and delegate him Thy controlling authority.

Please dua iftitah duz blessings to the leaders of the Muslims.