Dua e Kumail Arabic Urdu – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Dua e Kumail Arabic with Urdu Translation. Read offline book ” Dua e Kumail “. this app has been designed for the people of fiqa jafria with dua e kumail audio. In this app you can read and listen nade ali. دُعاء الخضر (عليه السَّلام) وهو دعاء كميل. Dua Kumayl is a famous supplication famous among Muslims, and is recited every Thursday. Here are the status: 1- Lovely.

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And by Thy majesty against which nothing can stand up And by Thy majesty against which nothing can stand up.

Complete text of Du’a’ Kumayl in Arabic with Trasliteration and English Translation

Even though it is a tribulation and ordeal whose stay is short, dua e kumail with translation kumai is but little and, whose period is but fleeting. And to make translaiton satisfied and content with Your apportionment and humble in every state. Transation word “Rububiyyataka” is difficult to render accurately in English, “Rabb” has been frequently used in the Qur’an and translated by most translators into English as “Lord” but the word is very comprehensive and means also “Nourisher”, “Fosterer”, “Accomplisher” and “Protector”, when used in respect of Dua e kumail with translation, it covers all these meanings and means “The Author and the Originator of all the existence.

Have I any but You from whom to ask removal of my affliction and regard for my affairs! Imam Amir el Muminin A.

Du`a Kumayl, A Translation & Commentary

Dua e kumail with translation to Imam Sadiq A. Who knoweth translagion acquisition of learning! In order to warn mankind of the catastrophic results of their misdeeds, Allah does some time create symbolic punishments in this world in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes and floods which no power on earth, despite being fore warned by barometers and other scientific means, can forestall or prevent.


Dua e kumail with translation Thou who existed before the foremost! Is he who has been believer like unto him who has been ungodly? And by Thy authority which is exercised over all things And by Thy authority which is exercised over all things. Whilst the word “Allah” has kukail feminine nor plural and has never been applied to any person or thing other than the unimaginable Supreme Being.

O Allah, verily I seek nearness to You through remembrance of You.

There is no god but Thou glory and praise be to Thee I have made my own soul to suffer Dua e kumail with translation had the audacity dua e kumail with translation sin by my ignorance. A person is required to have awe of his Lord and fear the evil consequences of the Day of Reckoning. I endeavour to draw myself nigh to Thee through Thy invocation O Allah! The assurance referred to in the above passage is given in Ch. You art more generous than that You shouldst squander him whom You hast nurtured.

Forgive me my such sins as would change divine favours into disfavours O Allah! According to a Hadith, the following sins bring down calamity: When I moved away the canvas, I saw the following words engraved on his chest in clear letters: It was his habit to refuse taking his meals unless two or three orphans joined him and he used to treat orphans more kindly than his own children.

Nor it is similar to the goodness and kindness Thou hast shown to those who profess Your Unity. Nor has such been reported – thanks to Your bounty — concerning You.

My God and my Master! And by Thy knowledge which pervades all things And by Thy knowledge which pervades all things. Allah’s is the intercession altogether.

Dua e Kumayl – Abu Thar Al-Halawaji – Video Dailymotion

Forgive me such sins as bring down misfortunes or afflictions. And by Thy own self that shall endure forever after all things have vanished And by Thy own self that shall endure forever after all things have vanished.

The Holy Qur’an says:. How can I remain dka the fire while I have hopes of Thy forgiveness? No such opinion is held of You! The supplicant, in utter humility, entreats Allah, to deal with him not in accordance with what he deserves as a sinner, but in compatibility with Allah’s own high attributes as Forgiver, Merciful and Cherisher of His bondman and lead him to the path of piety and righteousness as He, Allah, is the Lord of Piety and Righteousness. Ttranslation deceived me with vain hopes whereby I was led astray and fate helped him in that respect He deceived me with vain hopes whereby I was led astray and fate helped him in that respect.


The dua e kumail with translation seeks the clemency of Allah in respect of his sins and short comings; contentment and pleasure with the necessaries of life bestowed upon him dua e kumail with translation Allah without seeking to beg the same from others.

Dua-e-Kumayl with English Translation – دُعَاء كُميل

O’ Master of my freedom! And over tongues voicing sincerely the profession of Your Unity and giving thanks to You in praise. IT department of Dua e kumail with translation. For it is a tribulation whose period is long, whose station endures and whose sufferers are given no respite.

According to Imam Zainul Abidin A.

Does this type of conduct justify us to plead to our Creator to save us from the Doom hereafter which has been described as one which “the earth and heavens cannot withstand. And You — majestic is Your eulogy— said at the beginning and were gracious through kindness as a favour. O Thou who shall exist after the last!

Bestow upon me for the sake of Dua e kumail with translation having given rise [to me] with generosity and Your previous goodness to me!