Imam Ali – Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakhai was a confidant amongst the companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as.) and this sublime Dua was first heard from the. Complete dua e kumail (دُعَاۓ کُمَیل) with English, Urdu and Farsi translations. Dua’a Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakha’i was one of best companion of. Read offline book ” Dua e Kumail “. this app has been designed for the people of fiqa jafria with dua e kumail audio. In this app you can read and listen nade ali.

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Have I any but You from whom to ask removal of my affliction and regard for my affairs! O Allah, I find no forgiver of my sins, Nor concealer of my ugly acts Nor transformer of any of my ugly acts into good acts but Translaton There is no god but You!

Dua e kumail translation submit to tribulation him whom You have spared and shown mercy. O Ample in blessings!

Dua-e-Kumayl with English Translation – دُعَاء كُميل

O Allah, forgive me for those sins which draw down tribulation! O Allah, Your force is tremendous, Your place is lofty, And Your deception is hidden, Your command is manifest, And Your domination is overwhelming, Your power is unhindered And escape from Your governance is impossible. Far be it from You! You put into effect through me a decree in which I followed the caprice of my own soul.

You put into effect through me a decree in which I followed the caprice of my own soul. And Allah bless His messenger and dua e kumail translation holy Imams of his household. O Allah, verily I ask You with the asking of a submissive, abased and lowly man to show me forbearance, to have mercy on me And to make me satisfied and dua e kumail translation with Your appointment and [make me] humble kymail dua e kumail translation state.


So how tdanslation I endure the tribulations of the next world and the great ordeals that occur within it? O He upon whom I depend!

O Allah, I ask You with the asking of one whose indigence is extreme. My God and my Lord!

My Lord, have mercy upon the dua e kumail translation of my body, the thinness of translayion skin and the frailty of my bones.

O Allah, forgive me for every sin I have committed and for every mistake I have made!

And make me one of the most excellent of Your slaves in Portion from You, And the nearest of them in station to You And the most elected of them in proximity to You. And how many stumbles You hast prevented! So I ask You by the power You have apportioned. O Allah, verily I ask You with the asking of a submissive, abased and lowly man to show me forbearance, to have mercy on me. Canst You see Yourself tormenting me with Your fire after I have professed Your Unity And after the knowledge of You my heart has embraced, And dua e kumail translation remembrance of You my tongue has dua e kumail translation mentioned And the love of You to which my mind has clung, And after the sincerity of my confession and my supplication, humble before Your lordship?

Complete text of Du’a’ Kumayl in Arabic with Trasliteration and English Translation

Dua e kumail translation has such been dua e kumail translation – thanks to Your bounty — concerning You. Forgive him who owns nothing but supplication For You dost what You wilt. O Knower who was never taught! And by the light of Your face, through which all things are illumined! And what You have foreordained concerning the everlasting home of those who stubbornly resist.


So by Your might, comply with my supplication And make me attain my desires! Or how should he be convulsed among its levels, while You knowest his sincerity? I have no argument in what Your destiny put dua e kumail translation effect through me therein nor in what Your decree tranxlation Your tribulation imposed upon me.

Kumaiil You translaiton gave rise to my creation, to the remembrance of me, to the nurture of me, to goodness toward me and to nourishment on me. And You— majestic is Your eulogy— said at the beginning and wernt gracious through kindness as a favour. O He who knows my affliction and my misery!

English Translation of Dua Kumail – Wilayat Mission

Skip to main content. Whether You wilt give the Fire dominion over faces fallen down prostrate before Your Tremendousness.

Other than Your acceptance of my excuse and Your entering me into the compass of Your mercy.