Dua Arafat – Imam Hussain (as). likes. Hussain Ibn Ali (as) was the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh and his family) and the son of Fatima (the. 31 Aug Dua Arafa of Imam Hussian (A.S). One of the famous prayers of today [9th Zul Hajja] is the prayer of Imam Hossein (AS) which has been. Du’a Arafah (Persian: دعای عرفه ) is a Shia Muslim prayer first recorded by Husayn ibn Ali, the third Imam of Shia. Dua-e Ahad · Du’a al-Baha · The supplication of opening · Supplication of Abu Hamza al-Thumali · Jawshan Kabir · Mujeer Du’.

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O He Who saved the sorcerers after their long denial!

Imam Hussain(as) Arafa Dua

If there had been in them any gods except Allah, they would both have certainly been in a state of disorder and destruction. Do not turns us down disappointed. O He Who bestowed husdain by His favoring!

As for he whose facts are mere claims. How can denial, if I deny, O my Master, serve me? O Allah, please make my richness in my conscience. So, please help us do our rituals perfectly. Dua arafat imam hussain are, O my Lord, too numerous to be counted by dua arafat imam hussain. I beseech You for releasing me from Hellfire. You alone are entertaining them.

Your trustee on Your Revelation. Your decree is prevalent on us. It is You Who consolidated me. In one part of the prayer, Husayn ibn Ali asks Allah to show him how to come closer to dua arafat imam hussain and to aid in establishing a good relationship with Allah.


Bussain is I who did badly.

It is You Who forgave me. It is You Who gave me shelter. Safeguard me in my soul and religion. It is Ararat who did wrong. This page was last edited on 9 Februaryat O Allah, purify dua arafat imam hussain and lead us to success.

O my God, how can I fail whilst You are my hope? If evildoings appear in my conduct.

It is I who acted impolitely. You are my haven when the wide courses fail to carry me. It is You Who have lit the illuminations in the hearts of Your intimate servants.

O He Dua arafat imam hussain is the best of all those who are besought.

Du’a Arafah

arafwt To You is the kingdom and to You is all praise. It is You, there is no god save You. How come that You may let down my hopes. You have delivered me from increase and decrease.

I bear witness by my ultimate possibility and my diligence. O my God, I have known, through variety of signs. dua arafat imam hussain

Only for Your favors dua arafat imam hussain I desire; so, do not deprive me of Your favors. I have been of those professing that You are the Greatest. Moreover, that which You have warded off and repelled. O my Lord, as you fed me and watered me.

Shiavault – Dua On the Day of Arafa From Imam Hussain (a.s) and Imam Sajjad (a.s)

I have been of those glorifying You. O Allah, turn us in dua arafat imam hussain hour. It is I who was inattentive. O He Who receives me with good turn and kindness. The hussakn change dua arafat imam hussain style in the last three or four pages of the prayer is evidence of an inconsistency. O Allah, include us, at hussan hour, with them who besought You and You thus gave them. Glory be to He who examines the dead in the graves! When I withheld imamm Him in all these situation, He took the initiative.


O most Magnanimous of all those who treat magnanimously. You then took me out dua arafat imam hussain account of the guidance that You have already known about me. You nussain me under the obligation of Your Claim. However, You took me out on account of the guidance that You have already known about me.

The time of Hajj Mighat-e-Hajj. O He Who covered me from fathers and mothers lest they might have driven me away. There is no god save You. As You created me from the best of soil. O He save Whom none knows what He is!

All praise be to Allah—praise that is equal to the praise of His Favorite Angels.