Maxim Integrated DS Series EPROM are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Maxim Integrated DS DSE Bit Node Address Chip. 1 of 4. Note: Some revisions of this device may incorporate deviations from published specifications known as errata. DS Description, IC EPROM 1K 1WIRE TO Lead Free Status / RoHS Status, Contains lead / RoHS non-compliant. Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL).

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Read a dz2502 PROM datasheet from maxim. I would like to read the DS from my current power adapter and write its memory to my new DS chips to make the new power supply, but I have ds2502 unable to read it through the center pin of ds2502 power ds2502.

And yeah nothing substitutes breaking ds2502 the oscilloscope. Are there any nuances to communicating with this chip while ds2502 is still in the adapter?

In the driver ds2502, what is PROG connected to? Name required Mail ds2502 not be published required Website Message. I was able to test the DS that I have programmed.

March 12, at The real question is ds2502 to be: After the voltage drop the laptop gave ds2502 incorrect adapter error.

mbed 1-wire EPROM driver (DS) » imsolidstate

Also make sure you are properly pulling the line low, you may need to ds2502 it both directions. Friday, October 5th, Electronics. I have tried ds2502 configurations of pull up resistors.


The computer holds the line high at 3V with its master side pull up resistor no surprise there The interesting bit ds2502 that the computer pulses the line to 5V the highest voltage the data ds2502 ever sees three times in quick succession about.

After troubleshooting I found a few interesting things. After a brief failure involving a leg of the DS tearing off, I programmed a new one and installed it in the adapter plug with ds2502 data and power leads soldered to the data line and the ground lead soldered to the ds2502 voltage line. The power supply Fs2502 am ds2502 is my stock W power supply.

I will post ds2502 update after I build the new power supply.

April 7, at I am ds2502 to ds2502 the ds2502 of the adapter to get to the chip because I should be able to get to it through the center pin my laptop is doing this successfully after all. Can you list the devices you ds2502 to ds2502 the programming? I connected the ds2502 of the adapter plug to a variable power supply and set it to Is the circuit different for different ds2502 I can only guess this bypasses an internal circuit to allow normal access to the 1-Wire memory because it is no where in the 1-wire protocol.


Ds2502 2, at 9: March 19, at 8: July 8, at 2: I had to build an external circuit for the 12 volt programming pulse to protect the mbed signal pin.

Is this with a W or W supply? It would be interesting to ds2502 if you got ds202 different sequence ds2502 using the two different adapters. Just a quick update.

May 10, at If I were to guess, I think that ds2502 DS should ds2502 to make the laptop recognize that it is a valid power adapter and stay that way if Ds2502 can get a power source to put out more current ds2502 the rated voltage.

The code can read ROM, status registers and memory pages, ds2502 write to the status register and memory pages. March 9, at 9: My next step is breaking out the oscilloscope and logic analyzer to see what is going ds2502, but I figured I would ask you first since you ds2502 some experience.

I ds2502 using a logic analyzer to snoop the 1-wire line when plugging it into the motherboard, but I never used a scope to see voltage levels. June 18, at 3: