Six Weeks Training Report of Dlw – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf) In the Varanasi Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) place around hectares. .. I choose Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) for summer vocational training. SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON MAINTENCE SERVICE SHOP bank 8 Chapter History of DLW 1 The Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) in Varanasi, India . 29 May LFSlocomotive frame shop. The following slides deals with what I have learnt during My training in these workshop. DLW VARANASI 9.

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Turbocharger is used for providing fresh air to the locomotive.

If already cold worked – allows recrystallization. Recrystallization Done often with cold working processes. Flame hardening, induction hardening, laser beam hardening. M-mixed; both goods and passenger 4. Radial drilling and tapping machine.

Go to Application Have a question? Stress Relief Anneal — lower temp 1,Fslow cooled. Can be used in all environments. Presentation Description Diesel locomotive works, Varanasi. Impeller traning made up of Al-alloy.


The shop is divided into two parts: Desire hardness only in select area. Dlw varanasi summer training report to big to heat in furnace! That air is now entered dlw varanasi summer training report intermediate casing and blow from blower casing. As the engine block in machined to very close tolerances.

Due to that coating it can easily resist the heat. The heat is sufficient to melt the workpieces together. Due to this power and efficiency of engine is improved. Basically in this section manufacturing of assembly and subassembly of turbocharger is being made. Requires the highest skill. U-Electric multiple units used as commuters in city suburbs 6. Despite their busy schedules, they took time out for us and explained to us the various aspects of the working of the plant, from the production shops.

Due to this the turbine starts rotating at a speed from rpm.

Only difference is cooling varanadi Charcoal forms CO2 gas which reacts with excess carbon in charcoal to form CO. An electric arc dlw varanasi summer training report the workpiece and electrode generate heat. Also machining time is lesser and it is fastly replacing the manually operated machines.


They can be guided by hand or a template. Because of lack of adequate toughness and ductility after heat treat, high carbon martensite is not a useful material despite its great strength too brittle. dkw

Vocational Training Report |authorSTREAM

The TIG process will deposit less filler metal per pass than of the other processes. It is of two types: In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation. Equipment is more expensive and complex than for SMAW.

FCAW wire is more expensive. Diffusion Hardening aka Case Hardening: Can get VERY hard local areas i. S-Used for shunting Also known as switching engines or switchers in United states and some other countries 5. Process Anneal — not heated as high as full anneal.