DHTML assessment test, DHTML test, DHTML practice test, DHTML online test, test, DHTML objective questions and answers, DHTML interview questions. Some most important features of DHTML are given below: Using DHTML we can change the tags and their properties. It is use for Real-time positioning. R4R,DHTML Objective fresher and experienced, DHTML Subjective fresher and experienced,DHTML Interview Questions And Answers,DHTML fresher and.

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How do I indent the first line in my paragraphs? How to display the web page icon in the browser? Which attributes is used to change the number index in tag?

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If you leave this page, your progress will be lost. Acceptable values must end with two zeroes. A URL specifies which of the following functionalities? This same technique also works for selectors with class names. Please anyone tell mehow to create toggle button without bootstrap.

When you use image maps, it can easily become anwsers and difficult to determine which hotspots correspond dhtml interview questions and answers which links.


Once you are finished, click the button below. The numerical values are taken from the ASCII values for the various characters, but these can be difficult to remember.

How to refer the.

An article tag represents dhtml interview questions and answers full block of content which is a section of a bigger whole. A slash symbol is also used as a closing tag. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser.

Time used Requires timer add on.

Html Dhtml Interviews –

Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect. Number of wrong answers. How to write bulleted point in HTML? Your email address will not be published. For what screen size should I write?

Most of these addresses are relative to the top-most web page. The maximum size value will be determined by the browser width. What are the types of HTML? Create a web page that will have separate links to show map of India and World. It means answegs the data stored in session storage clear automatically when the browser is closed. You have not finished your dhtml interview questions and answers.

DHTML Interview Questions And Answers

How do I hide my source? What are META tags? Four soft2 This will take the picture and make it the background image of your web page. Helps include one webpage into another. CTS4 They are mainly used answesr a replacement for Flash, Silverlight, and similar technologies to play multimedia items.


Dhtml interview questions and answers do I display the current date or time in my document?

Newer Post Dhtml interview questions and answers Post Home. Tables can be used to position text and images. By default, the text is wrapped to appear within the browser window. However, if you include the size attribute, you can set the size value to be as low as 1. How do I know which keywords to enter in order to make site catchable? In local storage, data is not deleted automatically when the current browser window is closed.