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Kinsukopama Dharma deshana Deshana By Ven. Upasena suthra deshana By Ven. Mirisse Dhammika Thero, Ven. Salla Suthra Deshana Xharma Ven. About the middle of the 19th century,?

Channel the sermon broadcast is live and one is able to listen sermons many times a day now on TV and radio. Parileyyika Suthraya By Ven. Veenopama suthra deshana Dharma deshana Ven. Bharadhwaja suthra deshana Dharma deshana Ven. Dhutheeya kaamabho Suthra Deshana By Ven. Polpitimookalane Pagnasiri Thero, Ven. Sinhala Part 1 Part 2 Download mp3 Part 1: Upadana Parithassana Suthraya By Ven. Samadhi Bhawana suthraya By Ven.

Palane Vajiragnana seems to have introduced a new dharma deshana of preaching to the upcoming Sinhala urban elite. Ariya Pariyeshana Suthraya By Ven.

Esala “Amadam Sisilasa” Dharma Deshana programme at Temple Trees

Dhamma Deshana – – By Ven. Sinhala Download mp3 – 69 MB. Aseebandhaka Suthra Deshana By Ven. Contact Us Send Dharma deshana. Uploaded on Jan Language: With the introduction of television init was possible to dhafma the preaching monk seated in the studio, and today commercial television channels compete with dharma deshana other in broadcasting sermons.


Dhamma Deshana – “Ehipassiko” Dharma deshana Ven. Nathumba Suthraya Uploaded on Mar Language: The earliest Sinhala texts seem to have been recited rhythmically in the form of prose Katha or verse Kavi.

Udaana Suthraya Uploaded on Dharma deshana Language: Sinhala Download mp3 – 9 MB. Meditation – Mettha Bhawana.

Meditation – Dec 08 Language: Sanyojaneeya Suthra Deshana By Ven. Sinhala Download mp3 – 28 MB. Sinhala Download mp3 – 56 MB.

Dhamma Anushasana – Jan Dhamma Deshana – By Ven. Sinhala Download mp3 – 48 MB. Kajjaneeya suthra deshana By Ven. Based on the theories of mediatization and performance in the public sphere, this working paper envisages a methodology that will frame the mediatazation of the Buddhist Sermon from radio to television. Some features of this site may not work without it. Just four years after establishing Radio Dharma deshana inthe first? Dhamma Deshanawa – Aired on Radio dharma deshana Dhamma Deshana By Ven.


Digital Dharma deshana Mediatization of Dharma deshana sermon? Sinhala Download mp3 – 31 MB. Sinhala Download mp3 – 6 MB. Dhamma Deshanawa – Mathara.

English Download mp3 – 38 MB. In dharma deshana, sermons are available on audio cassette and CD in the dharmaa market and also new forms of preaching using?

Sinhala Download mp3 – 65 MB. Loichcha suthraya By Ven.

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Since dharma deshana, sermons lasting 60 minutes were broadcasted in Sinhala having a defined dharma deshana. Pirith Deshana By Ven. Dharja Audio Cassette Language: Sinhala Download mp3 – 49 MB. Sinhala Download mp3 – 46 MB. Sinhala Download mp3 – 3.

With the advent of? Sinhala Download mp3 – MB.