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Over fifteen months, he discovered hundreds of original documents, manuscriptschroniclesdensusianuu, manifestos, old drawings, paintings and facsimiles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Articles on Romanian military history appeared sporadically during the long years he densusianu dacia preistorica readying his major work for the printer. In he received the position of translator for the Romanian Army General Staff and published The revolution of Horia in Transylvania and Hungary, deensusianu, written on the basis of official documents ; densusianu dacia preistorica sale was banned in Hungary, due to its nationalist content.

Between and six volumes appeared of his Documents regarding the History of Romanians,and in he wrote the study The religious independence of the Romanian Metropolitan Church of Alba-Iulia. Two years later, he published a densusianu dacia preistorica about the development dscia the Romanian languagewhich, he claimed, traced its origins back to prehistorical times. Istrati; a facsimile edition was published in by Editura Arhetip, Bucharest [1]. Along the route, he visited the Academy of Agramwhere he studied manuscripts regarding the Vlach population settled in the valley of the Kupa in present-day Densusianu dacia preistorica ; in Istriahe collected material in local villages where the Istro-Romanian language was spoken.


It was almost complete at the time of his death. This page was last edited on 15 Aprilat His works hypothesize the existence of a Dacian-centered ” Pelasgian Empire”, created densusianu dacia preistorica the 6th millennium BCand which, he claimed, was governed by Uranus and Saturn and comprised all of Europe.

Les Roumains du Sud: The work has drawn criticism for unprofessionalism and evidence of nationalismand for standing densusianu dacia preistorica the source of Protochronism. The Romanians densusianu dacia preistorica the South: Inat the beginning of the Russo-Turkish Dfnsusianuhe returned to Romania and received citizenship in the newly independent state.

II, Editura MinervaBucharest,p. MacedoniaThessalyEpirusThraceAlbaniawith an ethnographic map”.

Among others, the book composed a historical tradition linking densusianu dacia preistorica rebel leader Vasile Ursu Nicola with Dacian prehistory. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Full text of “PREHISTORIC DACIA by Nicolae Densușianu (Full English Translation)”

densusianu dacia preistorica After reaching Italy, he spent seven months in the Vatican Archives and traveled through the Mezzogiorno before returning home. He published — in Frenchfor a wider audience — L’element Latin en orient.


Views Read Edit View history. In his Densusianu dacia preistorica for the history of the country of Fogaras compared the ancient history vensusianu the Romanians of Transylvania to their repressed situation under Austro-Hungarian rule. For his contribution, he was elected in to densusianu dacia preistorica corresponding membership and the position of librarian archivist.

Retrieved from ” https: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. At Dubrovnik in Dalmatiahe studied the archives of the Ragusan Republic.

Nicolae Densușianu

Aroundhe met the adolescent Moldavian -born Romanian Mihai Eminesculater known as a major poet, who had fled his father’s densusianu dacia preistorica and was traveling aimlessly throughout Transylvania. In densusianu dacia preistorica, he retired to finish his large-scale work. Among his earliest critics was Titu Maioresculeader of densusianh conservative literary society known as Junimeawho strongly reacted against amateurism and Romantic nationalist discourse in the works of Romanian intellectuals of his day.