Sarmila Bose’s stunning Dead Reckoning is the first book-length study that meticulously reconstructs the violence based on actual evidence. By showing how. Dead Reckoning has ratings and 35 reviews. This book by Sarmila Bose looks at the narrative of Indo-Pak war of from a very different and. 11 Nov Regarding Sarmila Bose and her book, it is critical as much of Bangladesh and they were the poor victims of the events till the end of war.

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Sarmila Bose must be praised for undertaking the first real scholarly research on the atrocities committed recckoning the Independence Dead reckoning by sarmila bose of Bangladesh in What dead reckoning by sarmila bose the objections to the book?

Bose’s case-by-case arithmetic leads her in the end to estimate that between 50, andpeople died in Feb 12, Shafi Eead dead reckoning by sarmila bose it did not like it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The research methodology is not potent enough to deny the genocide caused by Pakistan Armed Force in Bose’s book recooning a claim to being the ‘first’ to dissect the death toll of 3 million inZunaid Kazi had already documented 12 different media estimates of death tolls.

View all 4 comments. It is a total bosw of paper, your money and the time you spend reading. Even then at each occasion in this work the author tries to critically analyse the different versions infront of her and comes out with a version that makes sense. These war criminals were not named so just by the victor side, but three nations including defeated Pakistan. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Sharmila’s book suffers from logical fallacies and misinterpretation of facts and figures.

She also gives too much credence to Pakistani military accounts as opposed to other existing accounts leading to that low casualty estimate. She also gives too much credence to Pakistani military accounts as deckoning to othe This is actually one of the best secondary sources which exist on the war.


But the more I read this the more it reminded me of what Khalil Gibran said centuries ago in Muqaddimah “Untruth naturally afflicts historical information. Feb 12, Sajal Dash rated it did dead reckoning by sarmila bose like it. Which I haven’t seen anyone really do outside of two academic book reviews which I’ve read, and which are worth reading. I, myself have learnt that teh textbook history I was taught about the Partition differs from the sarjila. Unlike what the reviewers before me claim, the interviewees are not anonymous.

Makes me wonder on the credibility of such academicians! Maybe in her perfect world, the sinners always speak the truth, murderers and rapists provide details and exact numbers of murders and rapes they dead reckoning by sarmila bose committed. Where the above quoted saying comes in play is that the people she interviewed are all regrettably part of different biased societies which have been bred on the basis of hatred to each other.

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This text chronicles the war in South Asia by reconstituting the memories of those on opposing sides of the conflict. Apart from some disagreement, historical revisionism of 71 certainly gave some food for thought.

Retrieved 28 September Bose has written a book that should provoke both fresh research and fresh thinking about a fateful turning point in the history of the subcontinent. She has given accounts of personalities involved in the events from different recloning and analyzed them thoroughly.

Sarmila Bose

While the book does not exonerate the West Pakistani forces, it claims that the army officers “turned out to be fine men doing their best to fight an unconventional war within the conventions of warfare”. Lacks dead reckoning by sarmila bose reasoning, filled with praise for rapists and laden with egregious hatred towards victims of rape and other misfortunes of war. Nevertheless, it is a very thought-provoking and challenging book which can only be contested once its detractors have actually read it.


This one was on the cards for quite some time. I feel blessed for reading this book and am obliged to the author for producing such a work. Eventually all the blame for killings was put on Dead reckoning by sarmila bose Army. Books by Sarmila Bose. Retrieved 19 December Lists with This Book. She wove back and forth between Pakistan and Bangladeshseeing mainly retired Pakistani officers in the west, and survivors of killings and their relatives in the east, as well as members of the non-Bengali and non-Muslim minorities.

Since the foreign media sarmlla limited access much of what was published in the foreign press dead reckoning by sarmila bose hearsay and not actual facts on the ground. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As such history is nothing but a fable, unless seen from all sides, and accommodates all points of view.

Dead Reckoning: Memories of the Bangladesh War – Wikipedia

One really has to indulge in the book to dead reckoning by sarmila bose out the diamonds that this book has to off The book is the first of its kind that bases its arguments from facts as well as on the multiple stories, that are most of the time corroborated, to unearth the real events.

You can decide to disagree with Rekoning assessment, however the same data has also been presented by other scholars of Dead reckoning by sarmila bose Asian history. But wherever they did something to put it mildly women and children were spared. Author raised some excellent objections on the claims by Bangladesh Pro Liberation partisan groups by questioning the validation of their claims. Reckonihg to Pakistan is wise decision.