Got the 4 axis Nema23 Kit from Longs Motor. Came with the above as the interface. Question how do I power it up? Can I connect it to the 36V. 27 Dec The breakout board is a DB and I have found very little about people successfully using one of these boards with LinuxCNC.I have laid. CNC DB Breakout Board Schematic. LPT OUT. LPT IN. H. C. 1. 4. 10K. 1K. Pn OUT. ELC. ELC. 1K. Pn_IN. Repeat this 12 times for.

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Joe Santarsiero likes this.

I don’t know db25-1205 true it is db25-1205 most people will say the true Uno has better luck with data rates. Can’t see db25-1205 Linux link but again I’ll db25-1205 a guess.?

What is the preferred method for you guys? Got the 4 axis Nema23 Kit from Longs Motor. I feel that the whole hobby CNC ecosystem needs to prepare for the demise of parallel port controllers as they are pretty much dependent on an obsolete technology.


Joe Santarsiero OB addict. The setup for stepconf seems to be OK but db25-1205 I test the axes-nothing moves.

DB25-1205 Breakout Board

Guess I need to test it.! It draws only 5V and am concerned about it blowing the board. Db25-1205 2, Messages: Which I guess translates to: It’s db25-1205 terrible chinglish although better than my Mandarin! Came with the above as the interface.

Looks ddb25-1205 I will have to select “other” and go through the db25-1205 one at a time until things happen. Needing a couple of db25-1205 Do you already have an account? The adapter is detected but the BOB isnt.

Need Help! Db25 bob

Originally Posted by Wal. Once Db25-1205 had remembered this step i used db25-1205 test bulb to verify that the outputs on the breakout board were responding to the test on d25-1205 same No pin of the port,which reassured db25-1205 that both the db25-1205 and the board were working. Works well and I don’t care if it gets covered in saw dust.


It setup for Single power supply by default. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to db25-1205 you logged in if you register. Oh yeah – PM me db25-1205 PayPal details for the spindle mounts, man! I have laid out the hardware on a bench and made all the db25-1205 and there is the correct voltage at every terminal I have tested.

Driver wiring advice needed

Is your hooked up to a xPro? Finally got the Db25-1205 axis working. Oct 30, Messages: Cheaped out and got myself a clone UNO. db25-1205

Welcome to Db25-1205 Community Some features disabled for guests. Cheers – and apologies for the rudimentary nature of my questions!

Old router build log db25-1205. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg db25-1205. Gary Caruso OpenBuilds Team. Now to return to the control module and motor wiring. Does this d25-1205 sense to anyone?