To create a Data Driven Frameworks in QTP, the following components are required: Test Script and Object. 22 Mar Hi, Data Driven Framework is a framework which is driven by the different combinations of input and output data. Do the following steps to implement data driven. QTP Frameworks – Learn what is QTP (QuickTest Professional) and associated Keyword-Driven Framework; Data-Driven Framework; Hybrid Framework.

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Very Helpful and straight to the point. U have explained very complex thing in a simpler way. Also request you to post the answers rriven the assignments. The basic expectation with wtp kind of test automation framework is that your drigen scripts should be built in such a way that it should work data driven framework in qtp different sets of data without any changes to the test script. In the example above you used keywords names of the functions that the user has created and have data driven the test to make sure that different users are created at data driven framework in qtp same time.

I have to automate a web application. It is enough to call the keywords for the needed test cases in the main test thereby reducing the size of the driver script in the main test. Finally, the cell must be read. For drvien, in the above scenario, xmls will be your primary data source but you can use excel sheet also to save login credentials, Data driven framework in qtp etc of the application.

An Excel file is first opened an as Application 2. In the test case, verify if Data Table is visible at the left bottom of the screen. To know more about Parameterization, please visit here. About us Contact us Advertise Testing Services All articles are copyrighted and can not be reproduced without permission.


Here the same script used to develop a DDF is used, thereby achieving the test case for several iterations. Data driven framework in qtp Keywords and the scripts for all the test cases are same as in KDF. So now lets come back to the data driven framework in qtp.

Quick navigation through data sets is also an important feature offered by Data Driven Testing reduces testing timelines for an AUT. The hybrid framework is what gets used most often. Please let me know how to insert the text in the data table by scripting.

What is Data-Driven Testing? Name, Email Id and Phone. If you now run the above code, you would see that the script is run 5 times automatically with different set of data during each run. Compare the results of the 2 methods we used above and let us know why is the result format different.

Also, we will provide multiple rows of data in the data table and instruct QTP to run the test script for all the rows in the data table. Many times, there are a number of data sets that we have to run the same tests on. Whats your thought on this article? Let us know your comments in the comments section. Here, you can save all your data in Data driven framework in qtp data table and write the script which will extract data from the data table.

Mostly they would not be having much idea about how to use QTP and hence it will be difficult for them to go data driven framework in qtp the code and change the test data.

How Data Driven Testing Works (Examples of QTP and Selenium)

You would have noticed that QTP experts are involved in creating the test scripts and many a times manual testing team is given the job of running the drven for regression and other purposes.


Before we begin, let us see what all will data driven framework in qtp covered in this article. There would also be many cases where you would need to use more than one data source.

The Complete Guide — Part 1. Thank u for this kind of detailed explanations, Its really like undergoing sessions on QTP. Hi anish, thank you soo much for ur wonderful explination.

Data, Keyword & Hybrid Automation Frameworks in QTP/UFT

Thanks again for all your help!!! The following window opens up:.

One way of passing different combinations of data is by Parameterization. The functions that are created for different test cases are saved in ih function library and are associated with the main test.

I am new to QTP. To run the test case data driven framework in qtp all the rows in the datatable, you can use one of the following 2 methods —.

Error (Forbidden)

This process might leads to some errors also if things are not done properly. Open the Order for several order numbers Keyword: Data driven framework in qtp will most definitely try to answer your questions.

Figure below shows the snapshot of the datatable after adding single row of data. This is how the datasheet that contains 3 sets of the first name, last name and account id looks like:.

data driven framework in qtp Feel free to read about it here: Anish, Could you please explain me the concept of Excel handling or you any blog for that. Add the url in the DataTable and change the code accordingly so that all the data is taken from the data sheet only.