Mecha technology can be found in societies of PL 6 or higher. Giant robots are a staple of the superhero genre, from the minions of supervillains to superheroes in their own right, particularly piloted, robots and how to create. The Mecha SRD Extreme is a page landscape PDF that presents the Mecha SRD along with a 6-page appendix of new material and an appendix titled.

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The book presented a number of campaign models, which provided a framework for building a full campaign setting but did not include a full-scale setting. Defenses Mecha rely on their basic Toughness and Defense ranks against attacks, but may have additional built-in defenses including but not limited to: By default, mecha should be at least size rank —1, big enough to enclose a size rank —2 human pilot.

Determining wealth at first level, the player rolls a four-sided die two times 2d4and then adds the results together. In some settings, mecha have morphing or transforming abilities, either changing their form sdd function or merging to form even more powerful mecha out of their assembled parts.

Additionally, a disabled mecha is hindered —1 to speed rank much like an exhausted character.

d20 Mecha SRD

Whenever a character spends one mechz point, the character receives a small boost in his or her skill checks, ability checks, level checks, or saving throws.

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Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Much of this work is based on Possessors: Repairing minor damage like a Toughness penalty is a simple check DC 15, one hourrepairing a staggered result is a complex check DC 25, one day. Actions points are used by characters to affect game play greatly. Stowing Hand Slot Equipment – Any piece of mecha equipment integrated into a mecha’s hand slot-and only The large, black eyes of these creatures are completely worthless.


It also provided players the tools to build a campaign in a modern setting. Most skill checks to pilot or move mecha are move actions, unless specified otherwise.

For every round a tentacle remains in contact with an energy source the creature drains one day of power. Like characters, mecha can have any power effect the Gamemaster approves. Leave Room For The Pilot – When equipping a mecha from scratch, make sure to leave at least two vacant equipment slots for the mecha operator’s cockpit. This is a 0-point Feature although the GM may choose to charge a Feature rank for it in settings where linked mecha coexist alongside more cumbersome ones piloted with the Vehicles skill.

This means mecha usually have 4 or mechs ranks of Permanent, Innate Growth, with mscha standard size modifiers applied to their traits. See Ammo, Batteries, and Charges. In order to fit the d20 Mceha setting, some skills and items are reworded and rebalanced, and both the feats and skills mechanics receive expansions. Mecha Piloting As a default, mecha pilots use the Vehicles skill for checks involving operating and controlling mecha. Mecha can have a number of Features.

RPG Previews: Mecha SRD Extreme | Echoes #14

The most frowned upon advanced classes are the Acolyte and Mage. Mecha are similar to both constructs and vehicles, vehicles since they may carry a pilot or even passengers, considered constructs due to their form, which is generally humanoid or otherwise based on a living creature. Mecha have ground speed rank 0—modified by their size—at no cost.


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d20 Future

Large Mecha – Essentially big suits of armor, Large mecha excel in urban battlefields Having no Staminamecha are incapable of fatigue. See the Heavy Weapons and Energy Weapons for plenty of weapons suitable for use with mecha and the guidelines on handling them in play.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There is a chapter on how future technology affects life, and one on integrating different types of combat Mecha vs Vehicle, Starship vs.

A hero who has a way with words and personal magnetism. Attacking a mecha is just like attacking a character. Flight is common for mecha equipped with rockets or capable of morphing into aircraft see Mechamorphs.

Occupations aren’t considered classes but act as a job or career that a character holds. An attack against a mecha occupant is made like any other attack, except that a character inside a mecha benefits from cover and concealment provided by the mecha. This is particularly appropriate in cases where the pilot is linked to the mecha in some fashion, such as a direct mind-machine interface or sympathetic magic.

Morphing mecha use the Metamorph modifier of the Morph effect. Nova-Hawk costs points which, divided by 15, equals 10 ranks for the Combine Summon power. Mecha Defense Systems – Defense systems include energy shields, life support systems, and other