DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. OOAD LAB MANUAL. Sub. Code/Sub. Name: CSObject Oriented Analysis and Design. 4 Nov CSOOAD Lab Manual. LAB MANUAL. SUB/CODE: CS Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab. SEM/YEAR: VI/III BRANCH: III. 13 Jan sp ot.c om S.K.P Institute of Technology Tiruvannamalai – DEPT: CSE w w w.e ee ex cl us iv e. bl og CS OBJECT ORIENTED.

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The Graphical User Interface shall conform to company standards outlined later. Graphically it is a solid line with hollow arrow head parent. To cs2357 ooad lab manual foreign trading system,design use case diagram,class diagram,sequence and collaboration diagram using rational rise enterprise edition. The time now is It was established on 4 September The company should be able to double the size of its operations cs2357 ooad lab manual seriously affecting the response time of the system.

Because this system is designed for multi-user so performance issue is more important which require higher throughput in shorter response time. The OS types are.

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The customer makes out the list of product needed and produce out the list to the system. The interaction diagram is a dynamic model which shows how the system behaves during cs2357 ooad lab manual execution. Provide formal basis for understanding the modeling language. Dim rs As Recordset. UML is appropriate for modeling systems, ranging from enterprise information system to distributed web cs2357 ooad lab manual application and even to real time embedded system.


Dim rs1 As Recordset. Hardware interface will be keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer.

The features that are available to the Librarian are: It is a very expensive language addressing all views needed to develop cs2357 ooad lab manual then to display system even though understand to use. Also Advanced Search feature is provided in order to search various categories simultaneously. The main objective is the exchange of foreign products.

Every model can be expressed at different levels of fidelity. The UML is a graphical language with sets of rules and semantics.

,ab Stock Maintenance gives an idea about how products cs2357 ooad lab manual maintained in the particular concern. Integrate best practices and methodologies. Graphically a cs2357 ooad lab manual is represented by a non-continuous line. It is a specialized relationship in which the specialized elements are substitutable for object of the generalized element.

The proposed system that we are going to develop will be used as the Chief performance system within the different campuses of the college which interact with the college staff and students. Anna University Subject Code: Identity the conceptual classes ooda develop a domain model with UML Class diagram.


It consists of sequence and collaboration diagrams. To develop a system for book bank management. CASE tools known as Computer-aided software engineering tools is a kind of component-based development which allows cs2357 ooad lab manual users to rapidly develop information systems.

MsgBox “book returned successfully”. A payroll system financial statement that shows the total amount of money paid maanual the people by a particular company. Credit Card System deals with the transaction between client cs2357 ooad lab manual database. These are boxes to which a model can be decomposed.