versions have appeared of a book entitled Clavicula Salomonis, Clavis Salomonis, and the like,^ of which quite a few purport to be translations from the Hebrew. Looking for Clavis Salomonis? Find out information about Clavis Salomonis. Ancient grimoire, or book of Ceremonial Magic. It is unlikely that this book. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about I†† – Clavis Salomonis at Discogs. Complete your I†† collection.

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If in the course clavks the experiment it be necessary ssalomonis write anything, it should be done as is described in the chapters pertaining thereto, with the proper pen, paper, and ink, or blood. Mathers inserts L, chap. For the Third and last Order their king will appear, before whom go many players on instruments of music, accompanied by beautiful and melodious voices which sing in chorus.

Some of the lists of mystical names are fairly arbitrary, but I salomknis tried to show enough examples from multiple manuscripts in order to demonstrate the wide variability.

L inserts the tables of the hours of the day and night at this point. The Angel of the Lord appeared to him and extracted a promise that he would keep the text hidden from the unworthy and the wicked, after which he was able to read it plainly.

These words being said, thou shalt perfume the pentacles with the same sweet scents and perfumes, and afterwards having wrapped them in a piece of prepared silk cloth, thou shalt put them in a place fit and clean, which thou mayest open whenever it shall please thee, and close it again, at thy salimonis and according unto thy will. Book I contains conjurationsinvocations and curses to summon and constrain spirits of the dead and demons in order to compel them to do the operator’s will.

Note that the three last days should be calm weather, saomonis wind, and clavis salomonis clouds rushing hither and thither over the face of the sky.


By these, then, and by all the secrets which the Almighty encloseth in the Treasures of the sovereign and Highest Wisdom, by his Salomnis, and by his marvellous power; Dlavis conjure, force, and exorcise ye that ye come without delay to perform in our presence that which we shall command ye. The attribution would of course have to be pseudepigraphic, since Abognazar is heavily dependant on late sources. Its contents are very similar to the Claviculaand it may be the prototype of the entire genre.

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Furthermore ye will see the symbol of your creator, and the names of his holy angels, and we shall afterwards dismiss ye, and send ye hence with thanks. Of the light, and of the fire Claviw so he deposited the Key, which Solomon preserved, in the ivory casket.

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Mentioned by Waite in BCMp. According to the mythical history of the document, as recorded in its introduction, Solomon wrote the book for his son Rehoboamand commanded him to hide the book in his sepulchre upon his death. This is based on Exodus 8: This paragraph and the preceding are not found in Aub. Compare with a Jewish mortuary charm published in J.

Then he shall kindle a fire with dry rue, upon which he shall put powdered assafoetida, and other things of evil odour; after which let him put the aforesaid names, written on parchment or virgin paper, upon the fire, saying: Mathers inserts here an excerpt from L”Know, O my son Roboam, that all the divine sigils Several versions of the Key of Solomon exist, in various translations, and with minor or significant differences.

If however the experiment requires you to touch the loved-one, or put some brief short summary or letteror similar thing under the threshold or other place which the woman must pass, if the experiment requires some dust to be made and strewn about, or requires something to be drunk or eaten, make sure to solemnly observe the hourstimes, materials, and tools, as described in the relevant chapters.

D Clavicula Salomonis filii David.

Figure 40, from Sl. In fact, Mathers excised very little. After having said all these words devoutly, let the master arise, and place his hands upon the pentacles, and let one of the companions hold the book open before the master, who, raising his eyes to Heaven, and turning unto the four quarters of the Universe, shall say: After this perfume and cense the place with good scents and sweet odours.


O Paymon, mighty king who rules in the western part of the sky. By the virtue of all those aforesaid, we command ye that ye remain not in any place wherein ye are, but to come hither promptly without delay to do that which we shall enjoin ye. O Lord God Almighty, who has reigned before the beginning of the Ages, and who by thine infinite wisdom, hast created the heavens, the earth, and the sea, and all that in them is, all that is visible, and all that is invisible by a single word; I praise thee, I bless thee, I adore thee, I glorify thee, and I pray thee now at the present time to be merciful unto me, a miserable sinner, for I am the work of thine hands.

There are a number of French manuscripts, all dated to the 18th century, with the exception of one dated to P, ed. Latin BPH Amsterdam, dated Tradebit is the worlds largest marketplace for digital files, with over 2. Let him, also, renew his fumigations, and offer large quantities of incense, which he should at once place upon the fire, in order to appease the spirits as he hath promised them.

After this he shall lay saolmonis hand upon the ealomonis, and having bent his knees before the most High, he shall repeat with humility the clavis salomonis confession; the which his disciples shall also do, and they shall recite clavis salomonis in a low clavjs humble voice, so that clavis salomonis can scarcely be heard.